Leading Emergency Care Hospitals in Mumbai: Your Guide


Road accidents, rail accidents, building collapses, natural calamities, landslides and uncertain medical emergencies make the need for Ambulances in Mumbai extremely grave. The maximum city, with a population of over 1.84 Crores is bursting at its seams and more people are in need of medical support. The times we live in are not helping the situation. Quality and timely medical care by way of Ambulances in Mumbai, which are available in South Mumbai, the suburbs, Navi Mumbai and Thane can help ease the burden on the healthcare system. It is critical to avail the right emergency transfer to save a life within the Golden Hour and Platinum 10 Minutes as the emphasize the wonders of immediate medical assistance.

A city like Mumbai which is spread over 603.4 km², is looking at a high accidental death rates which are on the rise, many of which could be averted with timely access to emergency medical care. A few startling numbers are below:


Access to timely medical care is only possible when they can avail a quality ambulance with trained paramedics to stabilize the patient on route to the Hospital. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is the lack of awareness about who to call for Ambulances in Mumbai that prevents people from taking the right call or they have multiple vendors to access and are debating which one to use due to price, availability on time or lack of a paramedic on board.

It is important to remember that the right mode of Patient Transfer is very important. If a dear one is in an accident or is experiencing a cardiac arrest, the right move would be to call professional medical support and not drive to the Hospital in your personal car or public transport.

There are a large number of private and government Ambulance Service providers in Mumbai who offer the service of Emergency Medical Response and Patient Transfer Services via Ambulances in Mumbai. Having their number of speed dial, can indeed help save a life. Your mobile phone gives you access to help avert a medical emergency from turning in to a deadly situation. When you witness an accident or a medical emergency while in transit, or at home or even at the office, make sure you call for Ambulances in Mumbai. Ambulances stationed at railway stations too would indeed help in saving many lives.

Equipped with state of the art life saving equipment, they come staffed with professionally trained and certified paramedics on board along with a helper and driver for seamless transfer to the hospital. Paramedics on board are trained to offer appropriate prehospital care, especially for cases like cardiac arrest, stampedes or road accidents. Paramedics offer the appropriate care and try their best to stabilize the patient while on route to the hospital for further treatment.

The Coronavirus has infected thousands in the city and its spread across the community has further raised the need for timely transfer to hospitals. Ambulances in Mumbai are driven on principles of quality, as these vehicles can play a major role in the spread of the virus too and infect those who are responsible for protecting others. Service providers now, are taking special care to keep their patient’s safe and their ambulances free of infection with regular sanitization activities.

Ambulances in Mumbai today are safely transporting patients to the following BMC approved Hospitals for COVID 19 Management below:


A densely populated city like Mumbai, needs a robust healthcare system, equipped with a network of Ambulances that are easily accessible in an emergency and patients can be stabilized so as to prevent deaths and can be transferred for further treatment to hospitals.

Players like Ziqitza HealthCare Limited, operating in the Emergency Medical Response space for the last 15 years with services like Dial 1298 in Mumbai, have paved the way for world class and reliable emergency medical support in the time of floods, riots, road/rail accidents, transfers during the pandemic and even inter-city organ transfer for transplants.

With the largest network of Ambulances across the country in 50 cities, well equipped and staffed Ambulances around the clock for medical emergencies and patient transfer within the city or inter-city transfer. The caller just needs to remember a single phone number: +91-9700001298, dialing it will help in gaining timely access to a well equipped Ambulance, staffed with certified staff and thus will help save a precious life.

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