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Every year on March 04th, India commemorates National Safety Day with the goal of raising awareness and commitment to working safely. The National Safety Council established the holiday to raise public awareness of all safety principles, including road safety, workplace safety, human health safety, and environmental safety. The holiday is also intended to reaffirm employees’ and the general public’s commitment to working safely throughout the year. Finally, the day aims to highlight the importance of following safety regulations and measures in order to avoid workplace mishaps.

Theme for National Safety Day/ week 2022 is — “Nurture young minds — Develop safety culture”

History of National Safety Day

The Indian Ministry of Labor advocated the establishment of the National Safety Council at the 22nd conference in 1962 to boost the campaign on accident prevention measures in all hazardous industries because the accident rate increased dramatically as a result of rapid industrialization. The 24th Permanent Labor Conference, chaired by Mr. Jagjeevan Ram, adopted this recommendation on February 14, 1966, in Delhi.

In 1966, the National Safety Council was established, and the inaugural National Safety Day was held on March 4, 1972. This day is also designated as the National Safety Council’s founding day (NSC).

It was also determined that a national safety campaign would be held for a week to promote awareness of the importance of workplace safety and health.

Every year, the National Safety Council announces the theme for a special Safety awareness campaign aimed at industry workers, schoolchildren, and the general public. The safety campaign’s major goal is to raise public awareness of the dangers (hazards) and to monitor safety in order to prevent accidents.

The objective of the National Safety Day

The main goal of commemorating Nations Safety Day is to conduct national health, safety, and environment (HSE) awareness campaign for all groups of people and for all organisations, businesses, employees ranging from senior managers to workers and managers, and communities, with the ultimate goal of raising awareness of the importance of safety in industries to avoid unwanted incidents.

Another essential goal is to encourage health and safety involvement, as well as the notion of safety consultation, in all industries, including petrochemicals, fertilisers, energy and power, cement, and other types of businesses.

The following is a list of the other National Safety Day objectives:

1. Encourage workers to incorporate best industrial safety practices and accident prevention programs into the work culture in order to establish a positive safety culture.

2. Promote HSE discipline and legal compliance by applying the best safety management system to create a positive safety culture in the workplace.

3. Educate schoolchildren and community members on the importance of incorporating a safe culture into their daily lives.

4. Remind businesses and employees of their safety obligations and promises (from top management to workers).

5. Encourage a long-term safety culture in all types of businesses, not only those in hazardous industries but also those that aren’t subject to any safety regulations.


It is themed

Every year, National Safety Day is given a theme to illustrate the direction of public work safety that the day will take.

Its mission

Employees and the general public are encouraged to renew their commitment to working safely throughout the year on National Safety Day.

It’s a non-profit

The National Safety Council was founded as a non-profit organisation to make safety training more available to everyone.

More than half-a-century old

National Safety Day was established by the National Safety Council just over 50 years ago.

Commemorating National Safety Council

National Safety Day was established half a decade after the National Safety Council was established to commemorate the inception of the organization.

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