Medical Emergency Numbers in India

Medical Emergency Ambulance

Medical emergencies leave you shaken and unable to think clearly. Some people freeze at the sight of their loved one’s suffering. So, finding an ambulance number during a severe accident, a sudden stroke or heart attack, or even choking of the windpipe or other such emergencies is difficult. Such situations can come up at any point of time in your life, and hence it makes sense to be prepared with some knowledge. All you need to do is to know and remember an ambulance number and a medical emergency number to rush to the nearest hospital. It is not wise to rely on Google for such situations as you might get stuck due to low network coverage or such other issues.

Sometimes, every fraction of second counts to stabilize the patient and to transfer them in the nick of time to a health care centre might save their lives. Ambulances have proven to be life saviours in many such situations. So, it is essential to know about medical emergency numbers and emergency services to get help in time.

Dial 108 Medical Emergency Number:

108 is a toll-free emergency ambulance number in India. Every city or state has this number reserved for ambulance services only to make medical emergency care more accessible for everyone in India regardless of the income & location of the patient. It is currently operational in 23 states for 24×7 medical emergencies with a team of fully trained professionals on-board. This team of technicians and medical staff is well versed with Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment to introduce necessary Medical Aid while the patient is transported to the hospital. The emergency ambulance drivers are also trained to reach the nearest hospital in the shortest period.

Dial 102 Janani Shishu Suraksha:

Many deaths during pregnancy occur within households due to which they usually go unrecorded or unaccounted. Other women lose their lives while being transported to the hospital. Emergency medical services such as the 102 or 108 Ambulance services are of paramount importance to tackle the existing situation. The National Health Mission (NHM) aims to reduce the infant and maternal mortality rate by increasing deliveries assisted by skilled birth attendants. 102 ambulance service is an emergency transfer service that facilitates 24×7 free service, especially for pregnant women and newborn babies under the women welfare programs named Janani Suraksha Yojana and Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram. It is to transfer pregnant women to the nearest government hospital to ensure maximum institutional deliveries along with dropping them back to home.

104 Toll-Free Helpline Number for Medical Consultation:

104 helpline provides medical assistance for several minor physiological illnesses, ailments, and mental distresses, along with directory information, details on health schemes, a grievance redressal mechanism, and more. Through the early diagnosis of such ailments, they can be safely controlled and even cured, before escalating into significant health issues. Anyone from any state can dial 104 helpline number and get connected with the advisor or doctor available 24×7.

Corporate – Ambulance Subscription Service:

Ambulance Subscription service by Ziqitza HealthCare is not a public one, albeit it’s worth mentioning. The companies in the corporate world in India can subscribe ambulance service for their employees at reasonable monthly charges, Every employee of the company availing this service gets an ambulance number from the HR team for quick access to emergency care for himself/herself and the family.

Selecting an Ambulance:

Besides remembering the emergency ambulance numbers, it is equally important to select the right ambulance for the patient or victim. There are two types of ambulances – Advance life Support Ambulance and Basic Life Support Ambulance, to provide pre-hospital medical attention during the Golden Hour. Advance life Support Ambulance is fully equipped large size ambulance ideal for critically ill patients, en-route to the hospital. It is ideal for Cardiac, Pregnancies, Trauma Care and Patients who need constant monitoring. And Basic Life Support Ambulance is used for medical transportation for non-emergency cases and inter-facility transfers.

To make the emergency care accessible to all, the State Government, in association with National Health Mission, has tied up with Private Ambulance provider like Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd to provide timely Medical Aid to those in need during an emergency.

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