It is imperative that a patient reaches a hospital within the Golden hour in case of an emergency, in order to increase the probability of survival. Sometimes it might not be a medical emergency but a scheduled visit to the Hospital for Dialysis, Delivery or transfer to another City Hospital for better medical treatment or be it an Ambulance booked for events which ensures any medical emergency will be timely attended and the person afflicted will receive not only appropriate pre hospital care in the Ambulance, but will also be transferred to the nearest hospital.

In every scenario the need for fastest and reliable care is needed for the patient in the Ambulance. We have created a network of 5000 Ambulances across 65 cities in India with reputed ambulance operators to provide timely service in case patient transfer or medical emergency.The choice lies with the caller to share his requirement and we customize and provide the same at most affordable cost without compromising on quality of care.


Advance Ambulance

Advanced Life Support

Large size ambulance ideal for critically ill patients

Basic Ambulance

Basic Life Support

For medical transportation and continuous medical supervision.

Neo Natal Ambulance

Boat Ambulance

For medical transportation and continuous medical supervision.

Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance

Ideal for critically ill patients and Emergency medical transfers.

Why Choose Us ?



Asia Largest Ambulance Operator with experience in managing large fleets of Ambulances.

15 years of experience in Emergency Response & Patient Transfer in India and UAE



Access to 5,000 Ambulances in 65 cities in India.

Best Team including Trained Drivers and Paramedics on Board.

/7 Support 365 Days

24/7 Support 365 Days

24/7 helpdesk for Understanding of your requirement an

Assuring timely availability of Ambulance 365 days

Quality Control

Quality Control

Feedback calls and post-consultation rating.

Mechanism for continuous quality assessment.

Process to book an Ambulance

Step 1

Call +919700001298 to book An ambulance.

Step 2

Share details about the Patient and Location.

Step 3

Dispatching of Ambulance in 5 mins.

Step 4

Pick Up a Patient from the Location.


My neighbor’s mother slipped in the bathroom and hurt her back badly and was barely able to move. It was risky transferring her on our personal vehicle as we would have added to her pain. I called for an ambulance it was taking time so I called Ziqitza and ambulance came within no time and safely transfer her to the hospital were proper first aid was given to her till we reach hospital


Ambulance reached within 20 minutes of my call, Driver and Paramedic carefully transferred my father ensuring he is stable till we reach hospital. Thanks to the team who helped us on time in distress.


Our new born was suffering from some liver issues, our doctor recommended a Neonatologist in Mumbai for further treatment. We called Ziqitza for an advance ambulance. The ambulance came on time and we reached Mumbai within 8hrs. Thanks for the ambulance staff Vikas and Sunil for their swift & prompt actions to ensure we reach faster and at the same time taking care of my child during the journey

Mrs Neeta Shah, Ahmedabad

My father in law got cardiac arrest, I called the advance ambulance and it came within a few minutes. Paramedic gave him CPR and transferred him to the ambulance where he was given oxygen due to which he was stable till we reached hospital. Thanks team for your prompt response. It saved his life.

Mr. Shriram Rao, Gurugram

We wanted to take my grandmother to the hospital for her dialysis; she needed constant medical supervision so I called for an ambulance. Thanks for coming on time and to take care of her till we reached hospital. Scenario would have been different if we would have gone by our personal vehicle.

Mr Vikas Gupta, Kolkata

My friend Harsh met with a bike accident in MG Road, I goggled for the fastest Ambulance in Pune and called you. The Ambulance arrived within 6 minutes and transferred him carefully by giving all the precautionary first aid, as his right leg got fractured and had severe cuts on his hand. I was grateful for the crew's patience and timely care

Mr. Dev Sinde, Pune

I would recommend Ziqitza for any medical emergency situation for patient transfer, as they came on time and value for money than other without compromising on quality and care.

Mr. Gopal Shetty, Chennai

For further medical treatment of doing an organ transplant. I wanted to transfer my mother who is 62 yrs from Bangalore to Chennai. I contacted Ziqitza and appreciated the promptness shown by the team to arrange an advanced ambulance to transfer with utmost care.

Mr. Sai Damineni, Bangalore