On-site Medical Rooms are a great way to control the overall organization's healthcare costs. It’s a first point of response in case of emergency providing preventive care and treatment to employees at their place of employment, thus increasing their attendance at work and is also beneficial for decreasing the number of off-site, health-related, patient care visits. Setting up of a medical room within the premises of organizations has become acute post pandemic when everyone is looking at medical safety be it home, office, society complex or place of leisure knowing that they are safe wherever they go.

We set up and maintain a medical room in your campus be it corporate, residential societies, malls or hotels with all mandatory medical equipment like a patient-examination bed, emergency equipment like oxygen supply, IV etc. & restorative and pharmacy supplies. They are managed by a trained medical team of Nurse/ Paramedics and Doctors ensuring immediate help to patient’s onsite.

Along with a medical room we provide onsite consultation with a Doctor, Dietitian or Physiotherapist at work, which helps in early and accurate diagnosis to focus on preventive care. Employees can also avail Travel Advisory and Vaccination Programs along with Medical and Non-Medical Sessions with Lifestyle Management Programs. Our Wellness Activities under this are tailored to Health Risk and WHO Wellness Calendar.

Features of the Services

At your premise

We set up a medical room at your premise which gives easy access to your employees/ customers to visit and consult a doctor available any time during working hours.

Immediate access to medical care

In case of any sudden medical emergency you get immediate access to a medical room and doctor who can help stabilize the patient with proper First Aid or medication.

Foster Well Being

Medical room with a doctor promotes preventive Care of your employees. Dramatically improved medical outcomes in case of medical emergency.


How to avail services ?

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We share you customised proposal with estimates

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We deploy our services for your people

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Continuous monitoring and reporting



Ambulance Subscription

Effective way of ensuring an access to trusted Ambulance service 365 days within golden hour

Ambulance on Site

State of the art Ambulance for immediate transfer to Hospital in case of medical emergency

Medical Room

Onsite consultations with one of the best medical teams following well defined protocol

Occupational Health Center

Management of Occupational Health Centers at factory locations in India. Taking care of all Statutory Compliances & Regular Reporting & Audit by OH & IN Experts.

Mobile Medical Unit

Bringing healthcare to the doorstep of the rural population ensures emergency medical healthcare is accessible to all even in the remotest part of the State.

Tele - Health

Trusted medical advice and guidance in all situations 24x7 for enlisted organization

Preventive Health Checkups

Not just check up but effective prevention for employees

Wellness at workplace

Programs to encourage employees or customers on the path to good health in consistent manner

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