Private Ambulance Service

While planning any event irrespective of its scale, ensuring safety of everyone who will be present for the show is of huge importance. Being prepared especially during events is very crucial as there are so many lives involved, those of performers, support staff and the audience present at the event. Ambulance for events ensures that any medical emergency will be attended to and the person afflicted will receive not only appropriate pre hospital care in the Ambulance, but will also be transferred to the nearest hospital in a timely manner for immediate medical treatment.

Ziqitza team ensures that the emergency ambulance is completely outfitted with all the important equipment’s and has administrations for such occasions by associations and establishments. These ambulances for occasions have trained paramedics and experience clinical professionals assuming any crisis happens.. This ambulance is available 24x7 Hours of Help and Services for all functions and religious events as per the client’s request. An efficient medical team makes sure to work in sync thereby providing all the necessary medical help all at once without reaching the next level of risk.

Ziqitza has deployed Ambulances for numerous events ranging for IPL’s cricket matches, Musical concerts, Religious Melas or Exhibitions where the crowd ranged from 5000 to 15 lakhs. Over the years we have serviced a number of events and we can truly vouch that the presence of a stand-by Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support Ambulance offers great reassurance to those present at the event. We urge event management companies or Corporates to pay attention to this essential department to ensure safety of all present at their event, no matter how small or how big the event may be , a presence of a well equipped Ambulance with trained medical team make a huge difference in case of any medical emergency.

Features of the Services

Centralised Number

One need not worry about the availability of an ambulance in the darkest hour with a centralised number you can get access to quickest and fastest ambulance 24 x7 , 365 Days.

Cost Effective

During an emergency you can get exploited by ambulance providers and not get best service also. Our product is at minimum charges allowing peace of mind as no haggling and wait is needed.

Beyond corporate

Its an only Corporate wellness solution whose benefits are not limited to the employees of a company but also to their family members who can also access to an ambulance service during emergencies.


How to avail services ?

Step 1

Organization Representative Call us at +91 70391 83965

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Share your

Step 3

We share you customised proposal with estimates

Step 4

We deploy our services for your people

Step 5

Continuous monitoring and reporting



Ambulance Subscription

Effective way of ensuring an access to trusted Ambulance service 365 days within golden hour

Ambulance on Site

State of the art Ambulance for immediate transfer to Hospital in case of medical emergency

Medical Room

Onsite consultations with one of the best medical teams following well defined protocol

Occupational Health Center

Management of Occupational Health Centers at factory locations in India. Taking care of all Statutory Compliances & Regular Reporting & Audit by OH & IN Experts.

Mobile Medical Unit

Bringing healthcare to the doorstep of the rural population ensures emergency medical healthcare is accessible to all even in the remotest part of the State.

Tele - Health

Trusted medical advice and guidance in all situations 24x7 for enlisted organization

Preventive Health Checkups

Not just check up but effective prevention for employees

Wellness at workplace

Programs to encourage employees or customers on the path to good health in consistent manner

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