Ziqitza Limited – 1033 National Highway Helpline Number you should know

1033 National Highway Helpline

1033 National Highway Helpline Number is for highway road accident services. If you are traveling or commuting daily on a national highway for work, this number can be a life savior at times of mishaps like accidents. The National Highway Helpline Number 1033 is a toll-free number set up by the government of India. This number can be used to report any road accidents or incidents on a national highway for the passengers’ safety.

The Indian Highway Management Company Ltd (IHMCL) is one of the most popular firms promoted by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). The IHMCL has been bestowed to set up call centers all over the country to help passengers traveling on the National Highway.

As per records, it has been estimated that every year around 5 lakh road accidents take place. Out of these 5 lakh accidents, around 1.5 lakhs lose their lives, and three lakhs are left crippled after such an incident. To curb these statistics to a minimum, the NHAI and the IHMCL have introduced the toll-free number 1033 for the safety of passengers traveling on the National Highway. Passengers can avail of emergency ambulance services if they meet with an accident by simply calling on the toll-free number provided. 

Supporting the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) initiative of ensuring safe travel on National Highways as these roads are often characterized as high speed, high volume roads with a maximum number of fatalities and injuries in accidents and the fact that timely treatment of the injured will save many lives as well as for reporting of information like obstruction of highways due to fallen tree, animal accidents, flat tyre, bad road condition, etc. Ziqitza Rajasthan and Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan support NHAI for its Emergency Highway Helpline initiative.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL), Asia’s largest private emergency medical service (EMS) provider has successfully won the tender/Contract for the toll-free emergency highway helpline number 1033 in India. The fleet has 40 ambulances which will be launched in phases across the North Zone covering Chandigarh, Jammu, Uttrakhand, Shimla, Lucknow, Varanasi& East UP.

Ziqitza Limited says many passengers have benefited from the 24×7 operational toll-free number as they suggest the actions are prompt from the government end. The call centre’s response is also appropriate as call center employees are trained and know their duties well. They are quick in responding to problems that have helped save many individuals’ lives on the road.

With this initiative, the government hopes to curb down the number of accidents that occur every year with the introduction of the toll-free number for passengers’ safety in the National Highways. There are millions of commuters daily on these roads, and coming up with toll-free emergency ambulance service with state of art ambulances, catering to every emergency needs of the people by providing Advance and Basic life support ambulances will help save the lives of many commuters that meet with an accident at the soonest. 


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