How to Select the Best Ambulance Services in Mumbai?


Emergencies may knock at anyone’s door without prior notice. We can never stop them from occurring, albeit we can manage them to save the lives of the patients or victims. Before we proceed further, you must know that you can book an ambulance right away if you are currently facing an emergency or need assistance. The purpose of this article is not just to engage with you as a reader but also to genuinely assist you in selecting or booking an ambulance if needed (It wouldn’t have been served without the quick link above). For the rest of the criteria to select the best ambulance services in Mumbai, we need to know a few aspects of the emergency service provider. Some of the factors listed below can help us determine whether an ambulance service is suitable for us or not?

The need for an ambulance: Asking yourself a question most of the time gives you an apt answer to all your queries. Sometimes, we might need an ambulance for corporate purposes, for an event, for an intercity patients’ transfer or any planned patient transfer instead of an emergency. In such scenarios, we have a decent time to evaluate and select a suitable ambulance service provider. You can research online to find out the types of ambulances available, transparent pricing, facilities offered, expertise on board, industry experience and so on.

For emergencies, many people prefer calling 108 ambulance service, a free emergency ambulance service provided by state government which takes a patient to nearby government hospital for quick medical assistance. In many cases people rely on private ambulance service to get better facilities serving individuals or corporates. If you have the telephone number of an ambulance provider, then it’s an added advantage. If not? Then you can look for the number of renowned emergency healthcare providers like Ziqitza online or reach them through their websites.


Presence: It might seem like not so important factor, but it’s one of the essentials for ambulance services. It determines how good is the reach and network of an emergency healthcare provider, which in turn gives you an idea of how quick their services may be. Check for the availability of their ambulances in your region for better accessibility of the emergency healthcare services. This can also help you for intercity patient transfer.

Well-equipped Ambulance: Before calling for an ambulance, one must be aware of the types of ambulances required for their purpose.  There are various ambulance types based on your need – be it Basic Life Support Ambulance, Advanced Life Support Ambulance, Train Ambulance, or Air Ambulance. All you’ve got to check is whether the ambulance is well equipped with ventilator, oxygen cylinders, suction pumps, cardiac monitor, etc.

Trained Paramedic and Call Centre Staff: Be it an emergency situation or a planned patient transfer,  a patient requires  frequent monitoring and care by trained paramedics to ensure he is stable during transit. We must always look for ambulances with trained drivers and a paramedic while booking one. It is equally essential that the emergency healthcare provider has a customer support center with trained staff to assist you to handle the emergencies efficiently.

In all, we must look for every possible factor relevant to us in saving the life of our patient. That’s because there are many more things to being the best ambulance service provider apart from the above essential factors. Nonetheless, selecting an emergency ambulance service is a simple yet necessary process for the safety and well-being of the patients or emergency victims. Emergency care providers, like Ziqitza HealthCare, with all the essential factors in place, plenty of experience on-board and excellent value adds are the ones we must opt for while searching the best ambulance service in Mumbai or anywhere else.

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