Take Corporate Wellness up a notch with Ambulance Subscription


This year, the world around us is shaken with not just the pandemic but various other calamities such as floods, locust attack, burning forests, heavy lightings, chemical explosions, civil rights protests and so on. Although the year is nearing the end, the emergencies seem to have no end at all. As if, we are attacked from all fronts in a never-ending war with the calamities – be it natural or human made. The only way out of it is staying strong and well-equipped to handle emergencies until everything gets back to normal. Everyone who has survived so far is a strong soul and must stay positive even in the near future. However, the real question is, “how well-equipped are we to handle the medical or healthcare emergencies during such a tough time of pandemic in particular?” Well, that’s what has triggered us like many others.

Currently, when there is a rise in emergency cases, the need for ambulances, in particular, has also spiked. It has led to exploitation of the patients and their near ones by various ambulance service providers, who look at such critical situations as an opportunity to charge high fees. Having said that, we also know the financial difficulties a common man is facing today. And let’s not forget the struggle that the corporate world is going through to support the slowing economy. Hence, it became necessary to stabilize and protect the entire emergency healthcare system from being exploited for some bucks that won’t even last a month. And like it is rightly said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” The Ambulance Subscription model is truly an innovative solution, especially for corporate companies looking forward to starting operations in full swing while ensuring safety to their employees.

Under Ambulance Subscription, the corporate houses only need to sign up on a reasonable monthly payout a year to get exclusive access to 5000 ambulances across 50 cities in India for upto 10000 employee and their families. The 50 cities include Metro Cities namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Ahmadabad and Hyderabad. Now, isn’t that amazing! Let us look at why Ambulance Subscription is need of the hour and essential for corporates:

Saves Much Needed Time: Medical emergencies need quick access to ambulances as it’s the golden hour that can make a difference in saving lives.  During tough times every second seems like an hour and speaking about current scenario it’s difficult to get an ambulance on time.This is where the Ambulance Subscription comes in to help. Wondering how? The HR of the subscriber company is given a single number to call an ambulance during medical emergencies, which s/he has to share with the employees for quick access of the ambulance. As a subscriber company, the employees have continuous and special access to basic and selected advance ambulance facilities and healthcare services. It enables them to access an ambulance in no time when required. Since it is a 24×7 service, one need not worry about the availability of an ambulance in the darkest hour.

Cost-Effective: Today, the patients are being exploited by ambulance providers for extra money than the regular charges. The subscription of an ambulance covers upto 10000 employees and even their families at unbelievably bare minimum charges as compared to regular ambulance service charges. Considering how expensive it usually gets to offer ambulance and emergency healthcare to employees, the subscription model is reasonably priced to cater to the needs of the corporate world.

The beauty of Ambulance Subscription lies in monthly payout a year, which makes it possible for even the small and medium cap companies to explore it as an option to protect their most valuable assets – the employees.

Beyond Corporates: What makes Ambulance Subscription lucrative is that the benefits of it are not limited to only the employees of a company. The family members, including spouse, parents, children and unmarried siblings, can also access ambulance service during emergencies. This unique feature makes it not only innovative, but also a socially responsible model.

In all, Ambulance Subscription is an amazing model that is likely to revolutionize the emergency healthcare ecosystem. It is essential to acknowledge the remarkable efforts and precise understanding of the healthcare industry of Ziqitza HealthCare to come up with such an innovative solution for corporates. It not only ensures the safety of their employees but also enables various emergency healthcare services on a budget. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe an Ambulance now!

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