Ziqitza Healthcare: How Does a High Recovery Rate Help Battle COVID-19?

Old lady on Wheelchair recovered from Covid-19

Ziqitza has noticed that the government has been assuring people how India is fiercely and bravely battling against COVID-19 with a strong influence. The daily cases registered are increasing by tens of thousands and the death toll is rising enormously. Then why is every country focused on getting a higher recovery rate instead of curbing the spread of the disease? This Ziqitza blog post might have an answer for you.

Why should we not be dependent on the arrival of a vaccine?

For the time being, a vaccine is farfetched. Or rather to put it in better words, a safe vaccine that has been developed and tested properly farfetched. The human track record of developing a safe and working vaccine for the masses has been around 10 years optimistically, and according to that data, researchers are suggesting a fully working, safe vaccine for COVID-19 will be available by November 2034.

A vaccine has to go through a lot of stages to be made available for the public. A slight mishap and millions can be afflicted by a series of side effects, weaker immunity to the disease, and death. Read up on how a doctor would advise you to build your immunity.

There are 6 stages to develop a vaccine:

  • Exploratory stage
  • Pre-clinical stage
  • Clinical development
  • Regulatory review and approval
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control

The clinical development stage has 3 phases: Phase 1 is testing out the vaccine on small groups of people. Phase 2 is testing out the vaccine on a group of people for whom the vaccine is intended. Phase 3 is testing out the vaccine on a large group of people to study the effect of it on the masses.

It’s a complicated process (as it should be) and takes a lot of time. The devotion of enormous amounts of time pays off when the vaccine developed works without having massive side effects on millions of people worldwide.

So it’s safe to say that our prime weapon against COVID-19 can’t be a vaccine. And that’s where the high recovery rate comes in.

What method are the doctors using to fight the CoronaVirus?

It is perfectly capable of developing its vaccine on its own against the novel Corona Virus in the form of antibodies. But the rate of developing such antibodies varies from person to person, depending on other factors such as age and health of course.

Although researchers aren’t as quick as the human body to develop a direct fighting mechanism against COVID-19, they have developed a proficient method to compliment the operation of the human body.

It is called Plasma Therapy in which the antibodies are extracted from the blood of a recovered COVID-19 patient and transferred to a currently infected patient. Then the antibodies extracted from the recovered patient help fight the virus in the currently infected patient. When entered into the body, they flow with the blood of the infected person to all tissues and organs and destroy the strains of the virus.

Antibodies injected do need to be in a sufficient amount to work effectively against the virus strain. The protection gained from antibodies can last anywhere from weeks to months depending on person to person and the number of antibodies injected. Read this article by Ziqitza Limited to know more about frontline health workers here.

Is Plasma Therapy safe?

Unfortunately, just like vaccines, plasma therapy does come with minor side effects and potential risks. Plasma is extracted from the blood of another recovered person and is then supplied to an infected patient. This means that the patient undergoing Plasma Therapy is open to the risks involved in blood fusion.

An undetected diseased donor could harm many already infected patients which would sharply increase the severity of the case as Corona patients with other diseases have a high death rate. The amount of Plasma supplied can be inadequate which can lead to even further, greater resistance by the virus strain in the infected person.

But all these risks do not in any sense outweigh the benefits of Plasma Therapy. It is a key factor in the battle against the Corona Virus until a vaccine comes out. To know more about the role of Ziqitza Limited in nationwide medical crisis.

How does a high recovery rate affect the treatment of COVID?

A high recovery rate means a greater number of donors. The more the donors are, the more plasma that can be extracted from cured patients. The more cured patients, the more plasma donors. It’s a complete cycle. A cycle that is necessary to counter this pandemic.

Another upside to a high recovery rate means a part of the population returning to the workforce and regular life. Now you can get infected twice by the CoronaVirus, but the second time your body would already have antibodies ready to fight off. Not only that, but the development of antibodies would also be faster because your body already has the mechanism ready to produce antibodies against a known virus. That’s how human bodies generate immunity. After every cycle of an infection in which the host survives, the body grows stronger and till stronger till the virus doesn’t affect it anymore. Read more about viral hepatitis in the pandemic.

Although again, the above process depends a lot on external as well as internal factors as different bodies can grow weaker, not being able to survive many cycles of infection.

What can I do to help the recovery rate?

At this point, unless you’re a vaccine developer, all you can do is follow the government prescribed rules to follow in the pandemic.

Don’t go outside if it’s not required, wear a mask when contacting other humans, sanitize yourself and your surroundings consistently, and the most important thing: act smart. If you think of everyone as Corona carriers, you’re going to put up your best defense. And that’s what’s needed right now. Do check out this other article by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd on how to battle corona in the monsoons.

If you’re a person who suffered from the Corona Virus infection and doesn’t have any transferable disease, donate your blood as regularly as you can. Your blood can and will save countless lives through Plasma Therapy. Don’t risk yourself unnecessarily. You have yet to play your part in this global fight against COVID-19. Get to know more about Ziqitza Healthcare and its Ambulance Services here.

Donate to people in need and encourage your doctors the right way.

How does Ziqitza play its part?

Ziqitza Health care ltd provides emergency ambulance services across India. It operates 108 Ambulances in states in public private partnership. Along with this they provide medical rooms , ambulances/ doctors on site and telemedicine for corporates). We have provided services to over 24 million people through our helplines.

Ziqitza has also operate 104 Medical Helpline which addresses queries related to COVID-19 helpline to aid the government in this pandemic that is affecting both the people and the economy destructively.

Here are some of the Ziqitza Limited helplines active across many regions of India:

  1. 108 – Medical emergency services for the general public including any critical care, trauma, and accidents free of cost.
  2. 102 – Provides free transportation to pregnant women in Odisha under JSSK.
  3. 1298 – First aid and patient-stabilizing, pre-hospital treatment.

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