Ziqitza : How Ziqitza MMUs are Essential for Madhya Pradesh

Mobile Medical Unit

As discussed in our previous blog post, there are still many areas in our developing country that don’t have proper access to medicare and hospitals simply because they don’t have access to transportation methods or roads.

This is a problem that persists in remote and neglected parts of India, where the land is untouched by modernization and hence the benefit of roadways and healthcare. 

One such area, an area of extreme importance one might add, is in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh. These forest lands are covered with dense trees and wild animals all the while being inhabited by various tribal communities of India. 

Due to a lack of proper connectivity, these communities suffer endlessly from the absence of hospitals or even small clinics and doctors. So in this Ziqitza Healthcare ltd blog, we will briefly discuss how these remote communities suffer, what has been the solution for solving such a problem, and how Ziqitza is spreading a bit of hope for these communities.

The Starting Point

When we get down to the basics of this problem with tribal and forest communities of Madhya Pradesh, it is very easy to make out the core of the matter.

Forest communities of Madhya Pradesh have been living their lives out of the touch of modernization. Generation after generation is not introduced to the modern ways of the new world as they remain mostly uncontacted. The forest and tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh live peacefully among nature without having to experience modernization. 

However, because of their homes being in such remote places, they can’t access emergency healthcare, ambulances, or hospitals, simply because they don’t have the facilities to access them.

There is an absence of roads both charted or dirt roads that can act as a path to a hospital that can save someone’s life. This absence of structure remains the main problem.

Ziqitza Laying Path for a Solution

With a big chunk of the population not getting access to healthcare, the problem had to be solved. After analyzing the situation, Ziqitza Limited realized that if people can’t have access to clinics, then the clinics shall have access to clinics.

It was not feasible to build a hospital in the middle of a dense forest, so Ziqitza came up with the idea of clinics on wheels. 

Our Mobile Medical Units or MMUs is a fully functioning clinic that can travel from one place to another. This portability feature comes in handy in the forests of Madhya Pradesh, where communities can’t go to public healthcare authorities. 

Ziqitza Healthcare MMUs set up camps regularly throughout these remote places of Madhya Pradesh and provide them free of cost healthcare under the Public-Private Partnership program. Ziqitza Limited provides the tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh with basic medicare and access to modern medicine.

Ziqitza MMUs offer solutions to people who desperately need it. The camp that is set up by Ziqitza has basic consultation and can solve the regular health problems quite easily for the forest communities. For major problems, Ziqitza refers them to the nearest government hospital and urge them to get it treated as quickly as possible.

Due to the launch of Ziqitza Healthcare mobile medical units, many remote places in our country can now be supplied with healthcare that is gravely required by their inhabitants. Ziqitza has experience of running MMU’s in M.P , Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir .

About Ziqitza

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