Ziqitza Healthcare – How Ziqitza has Spread Awareness during Festive Seasons?


The Festive season of Diwali and Bhai Dooj has left us in the hands of the bitter cold of December, but with this year’s Diwali probably being the most unique Diwali we have experienced in the past few years, Ziqitza decided to create a safer one for the year of 2020

Ziqitza Healthcare ltd hosts many programs and events that teach people about medical emergencies and how to act in situations that require urgent actions. But in this year, with the pandemic reaching all parts of the world, Ziqitza could not host in-person events like in the past. 

So in today’s blog post, we are going to go over some previous events and achievements of Ziqitza Limited that have enabled thousands and thousands of people to react properly in a medical emergency.

First Responder Programs

Ziqitza Healthcare First Responder Programs have been some of the largest programs in the country. These programs are hosted all around the country teaching people how to respond properly when they or someone around them experiences a medical emergency.

The Ziqitza FRPs have been of utmost importance in the state of Punjab, with a huge number of people attending them annually. Ziqitza Limited First Responder programs actually hold a Limca World Record of the highest number of people attending the program. 

5 lakh people attended Ziqitza’s First Responder Program in Punjab, making it the largest FRP in the world. Ziqitza aims for more and more programs of such stature that can educate people more about medical emergencies and how a person should act quickly to possibly save someone’s life. 

First Aid- CPR and Burn Training

First aid is required in all situations since emergencies can occur anywhere to anyone at any time. But we will talk about two emergencies that have the highest numbers in India that need to be tackled at the grassroots level: CPR and Burns.

CPR is a technique that can come in very handy in a cardiac emergency. CPR increases the chances of survival by two to three times, so it is a technique that everyone should be well versed in if they are ever in a situation involving cardiac arrest. 45 million people suffer from coronary diseases in India, making it the country that has the highest number of heart-related deaths. CPR and basic heart attack training needs to be instilled in the people of India as it is a necessity rather than a specialty.

One more emergency situation that is fairly common but people don’t seem to have knowledge about is how to immediately treat burn victims. There are 10 lakh burn victims in one year in India alone, so proper burn training is required. There are a lot of myths that float about like applying tubes of toothpaste and other such basic materials to down the burn, and while they are technically correct, practically the sugar in the toothpaste leaves the burn worse off than before. All of these types of myths are brought to truth in Ziqitza burn training and how to give immediate relief to a burn victim effectively. 

Seeing that India has one of the largest numbers of heart attacks that occur throughout countries of the world and that there is a lack of awareness about it, Ziqitza Healthcare hosts regular training sessions and events to teach people the basics of CPR. In these events, a person is taught the correct rhythm of chest compressions, artificial ventilation (mouth to mouth), and other techniques that can help a person survive until paramedics arrive on the scene.

Aiming at Change

In the end, all the CPR pieces of training, burn treatments, and the huge First Responder Programs are all about creating awareness and bringing a change. If more and more people are aware of CPR and how to treat burn injuries, then there would be fewer cardiac arrest victims and severe afterburn patients respectively. 

The ignorance of people on how to proceed correctly in emergencies is rampant. The programs conducted by Ziqitza seek to reduce this said ignorance and tackle it head-on at the grassroots. If awareness is raised amongst the people and basic information is available to everyone, then emergency proceedings in India will go a lot smoother than before.

This is the aim of Ziqitza, to raise awareness about issues that can be resolved with basic knowledge and to provide a better emergency healthcare system to the people.