Ziqitza : Says Bear ‘108’ in Mind Forever; Let’s Save a Life Together


A total of 151,113 people were killed in 480,652 road accidents across India in 2019, an average of 414 a day or 17 an hour, according to a report by the transport research wing of the ministry of road transport and highways. Another data sheet released by the Government in 2017, recorded that a total number of persons injured per 10,000 km of roads amounted to over 1100, which totals up to 3.5 lakh injuries in a single year. These numbers clearly indicate that road accidents are one of the most monumental contributors to emergencies apart from health, fire outbreaks, natural disasters and others. Road accidents are one of the biggest causes of deaths on Indian roads. As per media statistics, in India one person is killed in a road accident every four minutes. The causes for India’s exceptionally high number of on road casualties include – bad road, careless user behaviour, and defective road design and engineering, poor enforcement of traffic rules and the lack of rapid trauma care. Moreover, in a country of 1.3 billion people, many emergencies go unreported and it becomes impossible to validate the numbers. Thus, in such a scenario each citizen of the country needs to be aware of the emergency helpline numbers to be able to save lives when faced with an emergency.

Ziqitza Rajasthan team had studied various reports on road accidents and realized immediate transfer to a hospital in an ambulance plays a pivotal role in reducing the mortality rate. So, in case of any emergency or road accident you should immediately call 108 ambulances, they have trained paramedic and drivers who ensure the safe transfer of the patient and also stabiles them till they reach the hospital. Your single act can save someone’s life.

Social and digital media are stormed by the second with videos, images and news about different kinds of emergency situations. These media posts get a few aggressive or empathetic tweets, posts, ‘likes’ or shares and the rage dies just like any other. The concern is people’s growing absence of action and lack of social responsibility. Do we ask whether or not an ambulance was called to help the victim when we ‘like’ or ‘share’ such videos or pictures on social media? How many of these posts talk about the ways in which we could save the day? Do the bystanders do anything apart from recording casualties? Do we call 108 Ambulance when we come across such an emergency ourselves? These questions are meant to be answered in the quiet of our minds and the resulting realization is meant to be worked upon in the course of everyday life.

A few steps that we as socially responsible citizens could take are listed below:

  1. Be aware of the 108 emergency medical services and stay prepared to provide help when required.
  2. Spread awareness and generate conversations amongst your loved ones and/or colleagues about 108.
  3. Save the emergency helpline numbers such as 108 on the phones of your domestic help or other illiterate members of the society.
  4. Whenever you come across an emergency in real life or the virtual world, ask if emergency services were called in time or not.
  5. Sensitize job-providers or other leaders of the society about the need to make employees aware of emergency numbers such as 108.
  6. Make a list of emergency helpline numbers and stick it on the walls of your home, office or public places for the benefit of all.

A person’s life is extremely valuable, Thus, when you come across an emergency where the life of a person is at stake, rise to the occasion and call for help immediately regardless of a crucial office meeting or an examination. Because, today the person facing an emergency could be a stranger, but tomorrow, it could be any of our loved ones. One may not be forewarned about emergencies, but one can certainly be equipped about what to do in such situations. Remember this, the person whose life you save may be nobody to you, but to someone he/she may be the world. All it takes is one call to 108 Ambulance and help will be at hand.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd along with its force of over a thousand employees has been making an impact in this space, by having served over 30 Million people across the country till date. Striving night and day to help raise awareness and register 108 in the minds of citizens across age groups or geographical regions. Ziqitza believes in its effort and strives to make a magnanimous impact in order to give power to innumerable superheroes; superheroes that will be well-equipped to save lives facilitate care and be responsible citizens in everyday life. Join the cause and give 108 a call in case of an emergency. Your call can save a life.

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