Ziqitza Rajasthan – How Telehealth Services have proved their worth in the Pandemic?


The Pandemic has hit all sectors of not only our economy but also our daily lives as well. The entire world has experienced a lifestyle shift due to the spread of the Coronavirus, and Ziqitza itself has seen a monumental change in the paradigm of emergency services.

With many major hospitals being burdened as they are turning into corona centers to treat the hoard of masses effectively, many people sick with non-COVID issues are finding it dangerous to visit a hospital as the coronavirus is proven to be stronger and more fatal with patients who have a prior history.

Not only non-COVID patients, people who are healthy refrain from going for a consultation or a routine checkup to reduce contact with the virus. This has resulted in a barrage of whole new problems with medical issues that are not related to COVID-19.

But as technology goes, we have had a solution for problems like these on our hands long before the pandemic. 

Telehealth services have been around for quite a while and Ziqitza Healthcare under its corporate wellness programs had started the initiative long ago where employees of a corporation and their families could access quality medicare without leaving the comfort of their home. And now, ironically, without leaving the safety of their home.

It is astonishing to see that the impact of the coronavirus would completely revamp how the world functions. Despite a severe hit to all sectors of the market and the society, where everything seems to function online, and healthcare is not an exception.

Telehealth services provided by Ziqitza Healthcare ltd have proven to be invaluable to the employees of corporations that have subscribed to our telehealth services. Doctors that have top qualifications are among the best in the country and provide  much-needed medical consultation to employees and their family members. 

Not only are telehealth services becoming a lifesaver for non-COVID patients, but doctors are also able to check up on patients of all sorts digitally, meaning that both patients and doctors don’t have to risk concocting the coronavirus to get a checkup/ give a consultation. Any patient from any part of the country can consult doctors of India to gain an in-depth session related to their medical problems. 

The telehealth services that are offered by Ziqitza Limited include sessions and reach with a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ziqitza telehealth services can be availed by all employees of a company subscribed to Ziqitza Healthcare corporate wellness programs.

The reason why telehealth services should become an essential part of any MNC or a large conglomerate is that telehealth services can span across a multitude of patients seamlessly. An expert consultant on neurological disorders can treat a patient who lives miles away from the doctor. And with the advent of social distancing being the most effective tool against the coronavirus, telehealth services nail every aspect of a mass medicare problem across the board. 

Telehealth services are accessible to all, very easy to provide quality healthcare, and are cost-effective. More than 15 corporates have enrolled for this service . Ziqitza Limited aims to bring the advantages of telehealth services to every modern employee through its corporate wellness so that they can access quality medicare to remain fit and functioning throughout their life.