Ambulance Subscription Program for Corporates: Health and Safety Priority

Ambulance subscription for corporates

In accordance with the growing corporate necessities, Ziqitza came up with ‘Ambulance subscription‘ solutions, pointing toward overcoming any issues and bridging the gap between the demand and the providers. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL), India’s Largest Ambulance and Medical Emergency services provider company that provides best services in any emergency. Ziqitza introduced an “Ambulance subscription” solution which  provides best solutions of emergency medical care to corporations and large business units.

For Ambulance Subscription Plan, Corporate and large business units need to tie up with Ziqitza. In the Ambulance Subscription Plan Ziqitza Provides ambulances for the safe transfer of employees or their family members. It will allow you to offer them access to a network of 5000 Ambulances( Advanced and Basic Life Support) across 50 cities through one centralized number and also this service is available  24X7.

While designing the services, the team at Ziqitza kept in mind that in the wake of the current Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the overall healthcare ecosystem, Any Corporate or Regular Household can get benefits of medical emergency services. This service is easy to access, and selects advanced healthcare services across all levels. Health and wellness is Ziqitza’s top Priority. Ziqitza Believes “For corporations, employees are assets”. To show them How you care for them, then “Ambulance subscription plan is suitable for you”. 

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, Corporations allow their employees to do work from home, so it is the reality that a very large portion of the workforce is doing work from home. The Human Resource and leadership team in Corporates are rethinking the meaning of employee wellness and discovering approaches to guarantee medical health to guarantee continuity and productivity. While understanding the need, Ziqitza has launched Ambulance Subscription for Companies or businesses for added value to its workforce.

More than 60 corporates from various sectors such as E- commerce, Manufacturing, Insurance, IT, Real estate, and FMCG  already enrolled “Ambulance Subscription” Solutions. Also Ziqitza provides “Corporate Wellness programs” and many Organization’s already partnered with us for Corporate Wellness programs. Our Wellness at the Workplace Programs help foster an overall sense of well-being and are curated by experts in the domain to counter illnesses that may arise due to erratic and stressful lifestyle choices. The product since launch has seen energizing reactions and companies like VIP, Cipla, Apollo, Novozymes, Aeries Technology Group (ATGBS), and many more have enrolled for giving added workplace safety to their staff.

Ziqitza Limited can manage up to 10,000 employees and their families at a time. Ziqitza features and Products facilities wow you, such as,

  • The single number available to call for an ambulance in case of a medical emergency
  • Reliable ambulance service
  • 24X7 availability
  • Affordable, Accessible, and Trustworthy

In the last few years, Ziqitza Limited witnessed a slow but sure shift amongst corporates towards employee welfare and holistic development. COVID-19 has accelerated that change to a frenetic pace and organizations are now approaching physical health and overall mental and emotional wellbeing of their employees as an imperative. There couldn’t have been a better time to launch this service in India.With the changing dynamics of the healthcare offerings across the board, an ambulance subscription is the most practical product designed by the experts at Ziqitza.” Ziqitza Healthcare Limited presents an “Ambulance subscription” solution that is one of the best Product or you can say Game changer product for the corporate world and it’s cost-effective solution too. Also Ziqitza Limited offers Ambulance on-site services, wellness at work-place services, telehealth services, Medical Room/ Doctor On-site Services and occupational Health services.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd India’s Most favored leading Company who provides best emergency medical care. Ziqitza Limited won 4th CSR Health Impact Awards 2020 under the Social Impact Category for the contribution during COVID.

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