Top Wellness Webinars and Ideas for the Workplace

Wellness Webinars and Ideas for the Workplace

Employee wellness initiatives are now standard practice in many businesses as a means of luring top talent, retaining them, and increasing productivity. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, one of India’s top emergency healthcare service providers states that 80% of workers at organisations with strong workplace health and wellness programmes feel appreciated and engaged by their employers.

A list of employee wellness programme suggestions that you can quickly implement at your workplace is provided below. The wellness-related suggestions and activities on this list are ones that Ziqitza has personally used and can attest to their efficacy. We received many more from fantastic businesses that know how to look after their teams.

  • Promote Wellness Initiatives Through Recognition & Rewards: Ziqitza healthcare recommends that one of the easiest way to promote employee wellness is by promoting wellness and healthy behaviours such as cycling to work, flu shots, taking the steps rather than lift etc, and incentivising them by rewards and recognition.
  • Host Mindful Mondays: This workplace wellness idea aids in reducing stress and negative energy. According to Ziqitza, stress depletes workers’ wellbeing and health, causing their energy levels to plummet and their levels of depression to soar. Unfortunately, harmful levels of stress are experienced by most workers, which has an impact on both their work and personal lives. According to a report released by the American Institute of Stress:
  1. 80% of employees report feeling stressed at work
  2. Nearly 50% of workers want assistance with stress management
  3. 42% of employees think their coworkers could use stress management support as well

Just bring everyone together in a room and turn on a guided meditation. This can be done on Mondays or any other day of the week.

  • Corporate Mindfulness 101: The advantages of mindfulness in terms of science are astounding. According to a Harvard study cited by Ziqitza Rajasthan, practising mindfulness has a number of established health benefits, such as lowering stress levels and alleviating depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

For the sceptic beginner, Mindfulness 101 is the perfect primer. This webinar explores the science of mindfulness and easy mindfulness practises that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives.

There aren’t any prerequisites for this webinar, including a mat, equipment, candles, or crystals. To make the session more enjoyable, only bring your team, an open mind, and perhaps a comfortable chair.

  • Mindfulness for Improved Sleep Workshops: Four out of ten people say they get tired at work. In some occupations, fatigue lowers productivity. Lack of sleep could have disastrous consequences for other people. According to Ziqitza Limited, this workshop will highlight the three most typical obstacles to getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Chair Yoga 101: Why not sign up for a chair yoga class, advises ZHL Rajasthan, if you want your team to try out some enjoyable exercises they can do from the comfort of their armchair? The instructor will demonstrate mindful movement as well as some basic stretches you can perform in a chair at home to help wake up your body and mind each morning. Companies that want to support their team with some wellness activities during meetings can benefit from taking this course.
  • Virtual Pilates: For the body, Pilates works wonders. Flexibility and posture can both be enhanced. It can even relieve back pain while supporting the core of your body. You might not be aware, though, that pilates also lowers stress levels. The virtual pilates class is recommended by Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan because it benefits people who work sedentary jobs or spend the day at a desk. Pilates is a great exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels. Even people with certain underlying medical conditions can use it.
  • Mindful Eating and Nutrition: According to Ziqitza Health Care Limited, the pandemic has caused many people to turn to comfort food. People have been known to reach into their favourite food cabinet for a covert snack because of a combination of boredom and stress.

A tried-and-true method for encouraging people to change their eating habits is mindfulness. Giving your staff the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their own health objectives can be accomplished through a virtual session that introduces the idea of mindful eating.

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