Make Most of your CSR Activity from Ziqitza Mobile Medical Unit

CSR activity from Ziqitza Mobile Medical Unit

Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) are regarded as a state-of-the-art healthcare delivery model that could aid in lowering health disparities among vulnerable populations and people with chronic illnesses. In fact, some research has shown that MMUs are more effective when they offer emergency care, carry out preventative health exams, and start the management of chronic illnesses. Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd explains that MMUs can offer specialised, highly effective, and reasonably priced health care that flexibly adapts to the community’s changing needs by opening their doors directly into communities and utilising existing community resources.

By providing a suggested package of services in 12 theme areas, including Maternal Health, Child Health, Mental Health, and Community Health, MMU services are intended to meet the technical and service quality standards for a Primary Health Centre. Neonatal and infant health, child and adolescent health, reproductive health and contraceptive services, management of chronic communicable diseases, basic OPD care (acute simple illnesses), management of common non-communicable diseases, and management of common non-communicable diseases these services are offered by MMUs without charge, and they also facilitate referrals.

According to Ziqitza Healthcare, mobile medical units are therefore frequently established to ensure accessible healthcare and a decentralised approach to healthcare. Mobile Medical Units have helped to mobilise healthcare to “conduct screenings, basic diagnosis, and occasionally complex medical treatments closer to people’s homes.” These units offer essential services. The same is practically imaginable across all terrains, communities, and socioeconomic groups with little cost and relatively fewer operational bottlenecks.

One of the biggest problems facing the Indian government is rural healthcare. Despite the fact that access to healthcare is a fundamental human right, rural India lacks adequate infrastructure, access to necessary medications, and qualified physicians, which is one of the major factors behind the region’s subpar service. By providing mobile health care services in rural areas, Ziqitza has taken the initiative to improve the situation. These units pay particular attention to disease prevention, access to high-quality healthcare, and emergency medical requirements.

Ziqitza Rajasthan has experience managing over 150 MMUs in Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh, three states with extremely diverse populations. The medical staff at ZHL Rajasthan’s MMUs is trained to identify the symptoms of health-related ailments, perform a basic diagnosis of common diseases, prescribe medication, and refer patients to specialised clinics in the event of additional medical complications. They are also equipped to provide free medical checkups. The availability of these vans made it possible to raise awareness, ensure preventive vaccination, and promote regular medical check-ups among the rural population.

The Ziqitza Mobile Medical Unit has the following features:

  • Remote Access: Making sure that people in remote, underserved areas have access to improved healthcare and all-encompassing care is possible through remote access.
  • Multi-purpose Diagnostics: A client can get several diagnoses at once in a mobile clinic thanks to the various pieces of equipment that are on board.
  • Mobility: In addition to these skilled medical professionals, MMU is fully outfitted with its ventilator, cardio monitor, and oxygen cylinder.
  • Regular examinations: Improving healthcare in remote and rural areas through early detection, innovative treatment, and management of chronic illnesses.

A company’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) contribution to rural India can be maximised with the aid of Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan. There is a need to improve the situation and make sure that timely, high-quality healthcare reaches every corner of the nation, where 60% of the population lives in rural areas.

Therefore, organisations can band together to improve the situation by establishing mobile healthcare services in rural areas with the aid of Ziqitza Limited, as we have a team of experienced staff members with first-rate healthcare facilities.

About Us – Ziqitza HealthCare Limited

Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan is a well-known provider of emergency healthcare services in India, having served more than 42 million Indians. Around 2.5 lakh Covid patients received services from Ziqitza ambulance in the previous year. Ziqitza Rajasthan received the Times Social Impact Award, which is ranked #34 in the Global Real Impact Awards. We’re all aware of how bad our roads are and how many accidents occur every day.

The 108 ambulances of Ziqitza Healthcare (ZHL Rajasthan), Asia’s largest private emergency medical service provider, have assisted patients from Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, and Sikkim. The 108 Ambulance crew is able to provide free, top-notch care to patients in these states.

If you have any additional questions, get in touch with Ziqitza Limited through our website.

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