5 Winter Care Tips to Follow for your New-Born

winter care tips for new born

The first winter with your infant can seem overwhelming as you worry about keeping her warm and guarding against seasonal colds. To make this simpler for you, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, one of India’s leading healthcare service providers, has some great advice.

Find solutions to some of the problems that new parents encounter most frequently as winter approaches.

Should I stop giving my baby massages?

According to Ziqitza Healthcare, giving your baby a massage in the winter can be just as pleasurable and healthy for them as it is in the summer if you keep the room warm. The massage promotes and improves blood circulation in a baby and also makes them feel warmer. Ziqitza advises to prepare everything for the massage, before you undress the baby.

Which oil should be used in winters for massage?

In India, especially during the winter, mustard oil has been used for generations for baby massage. It’s a thick oil with what’s thought to be heating qualities. Heat the oil with the garlic, carom seeds (ajwain), or fenugreek seeds (methi dana) first, suggests Ziqitza Rajasthan. These heating components, according to traditional Indian home remedies, add benefits to the oil and strengthen the baby’s immune system. However, mustard oil might not be suitable for your baby if she has sensitive or dry skin, eczema, or any other type of rash.

While there are many advantages to using mustard oil, there is also some evidence that it may be harsh on the skin’s barrier, making it more prone to irritation or drying. Therefore, switch to an oil that is kinder to the skin if your baby’s skin is already sensitive or you notice that it looks red and irritated after her massage. If you do use mustard oil, be sure to thoroughly rinse it off in her bathtub when you’re done massaging her.

Sunflower oil, safflower oil, grapeseed oil, and unscented mineral oil are additional massage oils that are suitable for sensitive skin in the winter.

What types of baby clothing are ideal for the winter?

Ziqitza Limited says that the trick is not to buy the warmest clothing you can find despite the wide variety of winter clothing that is available. Instead, dress your infant in several layers so that you can take one off or add another if you notice that she is becoming hot or cold. Your baby will typically require one more layer of clothing than you to stay warm.

The best way to determine whether your baby is too hot or too cold, according to ZHL Rajasthan, is to feel the back of her neck. You should take off a layer of clothing if the back of her neck feels damp, indicating that she is overheating and perspiring. Add a layer of clothing if it feels chilly to the touch.

How can I shield my infant from the seasonal cold and cough?

Although it’s impossible to keep your baby from ever getting sick, Ziqitza Health care limited suggests that there are steps you can take to lessen the likelihood that she’ll contract the common cold.

Your baby will receive your antibodies through breastfeeding exclusively, which will help her body fight off infections even if she is exposed to germs. This still holds true even if you contract the flu.

Wash your hands frequently, and ask anyone else holding her to do the same. Make sure to wash your baby’s hands if she is already grabbing toys and moving around on her own.

As much as possible, keep your baby away from sick people.

Give your baby the seasonal flu vaccine if she is over six months old to protect her from the more dangerous strains of the virus.

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