Corporate Wellness for the Women of Today

Corporate Wellness for Women of Today

“You must select a boss or company over a job profile.” This saying is apt in today’s scenario, where the increase in the workload has a direct relation with the stress level of the employees. Nearly one-third of the employees experience high-stress level at their workplace due to rise in their work or extension in their working hours. This piece of information is more than enough for employers and organisations to understand the need for holistic corporate wellness programs to manage stress. That include medical preparedness, healthy habits training , stress buster workshops, promotion of sports activities and healthy food at workplace.

Thanks to awareness programs on the importance of “wellbeing of employees at the workplace” across the globe. We now witness many employers stepping forward to contribute to the cause. However, there is no specific program for women employees, albeit more women (34%) are impacted by work stress than men (27%). And thus, the question arises – “Are we doing enough for the women’s health in the workplace?” Well, here are a few steps we must take to ensure corporate wellness for the women of today:

Employee Stress

Overcome the Disparity in Gender for Wellness Programs

We generally observe the low participation of women employees in wellness programs across different industries and job profiles. This observation is alarming and needs our attention to understand that women have unique physical and psychological concerns as compared to men. So, it becomes the duty of the employer or organisation to encourage them to participate in corporate healthcare programs.

Sometimes, women go through sexual inequality, harassments or abuse at their workplace that they don’t speak about due to the fear of losing their jobs. It might lower their morale and throw them into the darkness of an extremely high-stress level. Corporate companies need to ensure their women employees receive an equal benefit of the wellness program. In some cases, the wellness programs must be customised to meet their physical as well as psychological requirements.

Introduce Inclusive Healthcare Provisions

Human Resource department should initiate awareness seminars on health conditions affecting a specific gender. It will enable each employee to develop a better understanding of their colleagues’ health condition, irrespective of their gender type. HR must ensure that the corporate wellness programs cover female-specific healthcare provisions like fertility leaves or time-off for mammograms, HPV and other gynaecology related health screening tests. The corporate wellness for working women needs to include programs designed keeping in mind the health of women. Also, offices with working mothers should have separate private spaces for breastfeeding and maternal care. Today few Corporate have taken the lead and has been providing creche at work place so that women can work without home stress.

Overall, we need to strive towards equality in healthcare across the corporate world. All we need is to add a few yet essential aspects of female-specific programs to corporate wellness for the women of today. Corporate Wellness programs by Ziqitza Healthcare are competent enough to not only help the women employees to optimise their productivity but equally manage their health and family life.

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