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When women take care of their health, they become their best friends. We need to accept that women have unique physical and psychological concerns as compared to men. Study says that women experience more stress and anxiety during work compared to men. We must ask, are we doing enough for women’s health in the workplace? There is a lack of awareness in society about women’s wellness programs. This blog will show why women’s wellness program is essential and how we can implement it in organisations.

Every organisation needs to take care of their employees. Whether it is men or women. Corporate wellness helps to manage stress and other physical and mental issues. It increases work productivity. We will see how a corporate wellness program will benefit your organisation.

What is a corporate wellness program

A corporate wellness program enables us to make employees aware of their health and healthy work environment. It involves mental health activities, fitness workshops, and awareness about diet. Healthcare providers like Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. offer corporate wellness service programs. Which will be helpful to your employees.

Female wellness programs

Our study says that women face 34% of work stress and men face 27% of work stress. Such stress can affect women in below factors:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Poor health management
  • Digestive issues
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Agitation and mood swing
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Panic attacks

We generally observe the low participation of women employees in wellness programs across different industries and job profiles. This observation is alarming and needs our attention to understand that women have unique physical and psychological concerns as compared to men. So, it becomes the duty of the employer or organisation to encourage them to participate in corporate healthcare programs.

Sometimes, women go through sexual inequality, harassment or abuse at their workplace that they don’t speak about due to the fear of losing their jobs. It might lower their morale and throw them into the darkness of an extremely high-stress level. Corporate companies must ensure their women employees receive equal benefits from the wellness program. In some cases, the women’s wellness programs must be customised to meet their physical as well as psychological requirements.

Women’s wellness activities

Women’s wellness program helps corporate women to maintain the balance between mental and physical health and work. You can organise some wellness activities to ensure your women’s employee workforce.

For physical well-being

Some key areas of women’s health include reproductive health, cardiovascular health, and musculoskeletal health. Women are always going through menstrual pains, menopause or premenstrual period. It also affects their mental health.

To maintain their physical health during such times further workshops or activities will be good:

Mastering the Menstrual Years: how to harness your unique female physiology and optimise your Physical and Mental wellbeing.

Pregnancy: preparing your body for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Postpartum: safe return to exercise and work after having a baby.

IVF & Pregnancy Loss: supporting your physical and mental well-being during these challenging times.

Mastering Menopause: overcoming the physical changes and challenges that can occur during menopause.

Some easy tips:

3-day leave policy – Show that the organisation care for women employees by giving menstruation leave.

Heal while bleeding – Encourage employees to do yoga and brisk walking exercises by organising yoga day or workout mode activity.

Say no to issues – periods are not only the issue faced by women. Other diseases and pains due to calcium loss after 30s also lead to major issues. Encourage them to observe changes in their body.

Happy meal – arrange some diet plans or meal timetable guides and ask to follow them while working.

For mental well-being:

Love yourself and be proud – Sometimes corporate women do feel discriminated against or failed in skills. So appreciate them sometimes for their small or big achievements. And tell them to be proud of what you do.

Don’t hustle- The balance between work and personal life is needed. Give them space to keep this balance. It will lead to productive workplaces as women are always creative thinkers and problem solvers.

Employee engagement – This program is important for the whole corporate culture. It increases teamwork and reduces gender discrimination in the workplace.


The Human Resources department should initiate awareness seminars on health conditions affecting a specific gender. It will enable each employee to develop a better understanding of their colleagues’ health conditions, irrespective of their gender type. HR must ensure that the corporate wellness programs cover female-specific healthcare provisions like fertility leaves or time off for mammograms, HPV and other gynaecology-related health screening tests.

Corporate wellness for working women needs to include programs designed keeping in mind the health of women. Also, offices with working mothers should have separate private spaces for breastfeeding and maternal care. Today few Corporate have taken the lead and has been providing creche at the workplace so that women can work without home stress.

Overall, we need to strive towards equality in healthcare across the corporate world. All we need is to add a few yet essential aspects of female-specific programs to corporate wellness for the women of today. Women’s Wellness programs by Ziqitza Healthcare are competent enough to not only help the women employees to optimise their productivity but equally manage their health and family life.

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