Cheat Sheet for Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating and nutrition is over complicated. The weight loss industry is worth billions of dollars because of the ambiguities and uncertainties attached to it. However, if the truth be told, healthy eating is very simple – it only appears convoluted due to the presence of conflicting and contradictory information on calories, weight loss, diets and weight related diseases. It is easy to be consumed by the ever changing trends around diets, and end up feeling confused and perplexed.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, one of India’s finest healthcare organisations aims to simplify nutrition by explaining a few basics.

Choose Lifestyle, Not Diet: Diets are overrated and do not work. Majority of diets out there are difficult to follow. Ziqitza suggests that rather than picking up a diet plan for weight loss, choose a healthy lifestyle and your weight will be taken care of naturally.

You are what you eat! Healthy food drastically affects the way we feel, behave, act and function. But is healthy eating expensive? Ziqitza Healthcare says no, it isn’t.

Fix a Budget: The easiest way to track what you eat is by fixing a budget for veggies and groceries. Fixing a budget limits the spending threshold and limits one from spending extra on unwanted items or items that are not required. This will also decide the stores that we will visit and limit the spends on essentials vs wants.

Fixing a Store: Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive food items. Typically, the same items are sold by multiple stores and at times at different rates. Choose a store that sells your items of interest at affordable prices without straining your budget.

Know Your Food: Ziqitza Rajasthan points out that it is absolutely essential to understand the food items that you’re eating. Buying stuff from supermarket racks without reading or understanding the ingredients in it is unwise. One must always know what they’re eating. Similarly, if you exactly know what you want, look for healthier options of the same and choose them.

Avoid Processed Food: This is basic. Avoid foods that are processed, processed foods are any food items that have a label. Processed food is typically made from more than one ingredient. However, this doesn’t mean that you completely avoid all processed foods (like whole grain pasta or natural cheeses), but do whenever you can.

Eat Whole Foods: ZHL Rajasthan says that now if you’re smart enough to avoid processed food, you’re wise enough to eat whole food items. Whole foods are food that have not been to a lab or a manufacturing unit or have been tampered with. Whole foods include items such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, seeds, unsalted dairy products etc.

Avoid Refined Sugar: Ziqitza Limited explains that refined sugar offers nothing but calories. There are many alternatives to refined sugar such as honey, jaggery, molasses, sugar alcohol etc. Adopt and start using these healthy alternatives rather than refined sugar.

Eat Five or Six Small Meals throughout the Day: Ziqitza Healthcare Limited says that adopting this is really beneficial if you want to boost your metabolism. Eating smaller meals during the day reduces your chances to indulge in fast food and regret later. But having five or six small meals throughout the day in the form of healthy crackers, fruits, nuts etc., will keep you satiated and you will not feel hungry which would urge you to cheat.

Eat Balanced Food: Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan remarks that one of the most important ways to eat healthy food is by combining protein with carb or carb with fat. These combinations will not only satisfy you but will also quash your hunger pangs.

Spice it Up: Last but not the least, healthy food has the ill reputation of being boring, however, one can always add flavour to food by mixing some herbs and spices. For example, basil is hugh on vitamin A and K, Oregano is a good source of fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin C and A, Cloves is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Cumin has antioxidant properties, and turmeric – the healthiest food on the planet.

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