Importance of Primary Care Doctors

Primary Care Doctors

Primary care doctors play a very critical role since they manage our day-to-day health needs. In today’s increasingly complex world wherein majority of us face ailments or illness which are related to our lifestyle, having a primary care doctor that knows your health history is imperative.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, one of India’s finest healthcare and emergency service providers explains that a long-term relationship with a primary care doctor can keep a patient healthier, lower his/her medical costs, better manage the chronic diseases and provide a higher level of satisfaction with their care.

Ziqitza further explains the functionality of a primary care provider and essays that a primary care provider is a healthcare professional that is easily accessible and helps manage your health effectively. A primary care provider is the first line of defense and the first person you talk to when you have a medical problem which is not an emergency. Primary healthcare providers are typically doctors, however, nurses and physical assistants also provide primary care.

Ziqitza Healthcare calls primary care providers or doctors as your long-time partners who share your responsibility and keep you healthy both physically and mentally. Ziqitza Rajasthan resonates the same and lists down benefits of having a primary care doctor or physician:

  • Continuity: The first and most important benefit of having a single primary care doctor or a single physician for your primary healthcare needs is continuity. The physician has all your records ranging from immunizations, stomachaches to simple cold and flu. He/she knows your family history and disease history of your family as well, therefore you don’t have to explain anything to him/her. He/she would know what to prescribe and in what doses.
  • Convenience: The next best benefit of having a single primary care doctor is the range of health services they provide. Ziqitza Limited explains that primary care doctors’ services range from preventive care, to care for chronic diseases like, diabetes, hypertension, asthma; and care services for acute conditions such as high fever, digestive troubles and coughs.
  • Maintenance of Your Health: ZHL Rajasthan points out that a primary care doctor is uniquely positioned to assist you in identifying health problems and avoiding them. Based on your medical history, family history, etc. he/she can determine if you’re at high risk for ailments such as cancer, heart related diseases, blood pressure etc. A primary care doctor can help in preventing and early diagnoses of these conditions and assist in tackling them at an earlier stage.
  • Early Diagnosis & Detection: This is perhaps the most important benefit of having a single physical care doctor. Having a single doctor who has the knowledge of all your family and case history, and regular checkups, makes it more likely for any health issues to be detected early and diagnosed. This absolutely increases the chances of treating them early, before it is too late.
  • Communication becomes Easy: Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan points out that having a single primary care doctor enables an environment for easy and better communication. When the patient knows the doctor and is familiar with the staff, it becomes easy for the patient to converse about sensitive issues. Being in a familiar setting enables an easy and convenient communication channel.

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited, remarks that it is given and understood that at some point, everyone will fall sick or fall under the weather, and will seek medical opinion. It is during this time that having a primary care doctor makes perfect sense, because they add trust and also act as the first contact into a health care system. As a safeguard, the primary care doctors provide preventive care, assist patients with healthy lifestyle choices, and also treat common ailments.

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