Ziqitza Rajasthan – Do Masks Really Help In Protecting You Against The Virus

do masks really help in protecting you against the virus

The topic of masks and their efficiency has been in talks all around the world. As a leading emergency service supplier that directly contributes to fighting the virus, Ziqitza wants to delve into the efficacy of masks that are deemed essential to protect us from the virus.

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Why Are Masks Deemed As Protection Against The Virus?

Face masks were the first of personal protective equipment that came up when the Coronavirus was starting up its first wave. N-95 masks are specifically designed to not let most minute virus particles enter a host’s body and surgical masks if changed regularly can provide ample protection against a virus that is not air-borne. That is the reason why masks are good protection against the virus.

One more reason why masks were popularised was that they are readily available and people are acquainted with them. Face shields are new but there is not much research that shows their proven efficacy so masks were the way to go.

How Can The Wearing Of Masks Stop The Propagation Of The Virus?

According to research that is still largely theoretical, it can’t be put out there as a hard fact. So that’s why Ziqitza is clearing up on this study that it is not entirely reliable. Now having said that, studies show that if 80 percent of the population wears effective masks then the propagation of the virus can be stopped by 60 percent. This finding is what has lead experts and government officials to levy rules on the wearing of masks in public areas. And as far as studies go, this one shows that if everyone wears a mask, then the spread of the Coronavirus can be halted significantly in 4 to 6 weeks.

What About Regular Cloth Masks? Do They Protect Us Against The Virus?

The above study was conducted with N-95 masks and surgical masks, the masks that are specifically designed to stop virus particles from entering a host. So the question arises: What about cloth masks? Cloth masks are masks that are the most popular among the general population. Do they help in protecting us from the virus?

Research on cloth masks shows that regular fabric masks with a pollution layer in between them can be useful but in a different sense. A person who is an asymptomatic carrier of the virus and wears a cloth mask can significantly decrease the chances of infecting other people he/she is in contact with. This can be useful in stopping the spread of the virus as workplaces and markets reopen. If a person is an asymptomatic carrier, he/she can significantly stop the propagation of the virus by wearing a regular cloth mask.

Can Wearing A Mask Really Protect You From Getting Infected?

Well, when put in simple terms: Yes. Wearing a mask can protect you from the virus.

If you wear a cloth mask and everyone else does too, then the propagation of the virus can be stopped significantly.

If you wear an N-95 mask or a surgical mask and switch between them regularly, you will get added protection from the virus. Though this is not recommended as N-95 masks and surgical masks should be preserved for doctors and frontline workers. Practicing social distancing and wearing a cloth mask is the best solution to stop the spread of the virus among the masses.

How Should I Use A Cloth Mask?

A cloth mask unlike a surgical mask or an N-95 mask is reusable. But it has some constraints revolving around it. The following points should be enough to get the maximum protection from the virus with the help of a cloth mask:

  • Wash your mask after every use with a mild disinfectant with running cold water.
  • Change your cloth mask after every 4 hours if you are using it for a long duration.
  • Don’t touch your mask while wearing it.
  • Sanitize your hand if you do touch your mask while in use.
  • When washing it, don’t touch the outer layer of the mask and use the disinfectant on the outer layer first.
  • It is advisable to get 2 cloth masks (one as a backup) so that in a situation where you want to change your mask but have not cleaned it you can wear the second one.

So, What Is The Final Verdict?

Cloth masks do help a lot in stopping the spread of the virus if they are used carefully. Ziqitza advises following the above rules on how to use a cloth mask as only then will the efficacy of regular cloth masks (which are the most popular ones) reach maximum potential.

Practice social distancing and wear a mask. That will be enough to protect yourself and others against the virus as it has been proven that social distancing is the best solution against COVID-19 until a vaccine comes out.

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