Ziqitza Healthcare The Reason Behind India’s daily COVID Case Fall

Reason Behind India's Covid Case Fall


For some good news in the pandemic, India has reported a sudden decrease in confirmed corona cases in the previous two weeks. It is seen as a sign of hope by most but more importantly, it is the culmination of all the efforts that have been put up by our frontline workers like doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and our paramedics.

Though the daily record of new cases of the coronavirus is still a pretty high number- hovering around the 50k mark; there has been a steep decline of over 20 thousand new cases in just two weeks. The COVID-19 graph of India is still climbing up a dangerous slope, but at least the rate of increasing steepness has depraved greatly.

In today’s Ziqitza Healthcare ltd blog, we’ll be looking at the main factors of this decline in daily COVID-19 cases in India and how can we add on to the factors to take full advantage of the momentum that has been set up.

What Exactly Happened?

In the middle of September, it seemed as if the battle against Coronavirus will only become worse and it’ll continue to make humungous dents in the country till a vaccine comes. India recorded a daily spike of 98 thousand corona cases, close to 1 thousand deaths, surpassing the United States Of America in Corona cases by a huge margin in one single day.

It seemed as if things would get only worse from then on, but following the end of September and now in the middle of October, things are starting to fall a little into place. The daily spike for the past 2 weeks has been significantly low when compared to early September, falling from 80k daily cases and 1k deaths to 60k daily cases and 600 deaths in mid-October. This pattern has been continuing for 21 days and is expected to go on further.

What Changed To Make The Numbers Drop?

Well, when we look at the facts, the enormous increase in the daily cases of Corona was spiking up due to restaurants and markets being opened. Offices were also allowed to operate at a diminished capacity and public transportation in many states has been opened up. So an increase in daily cases was expected.

But, since it has been 7 months since the lockdown was officially declared, the Indian hospitals and ambulances have caught up. Though they are still overburdened, hospitals were quick to adapt to the impending pressure and treat corona cases. In addition to that, with the help of recent studies involving social distancing and protective equipment against the virus, hospitals were able to come up with a curriculum that would protect both its doctors as well as its patients from getting infected.

New drugs have also come in to play. There are already 3 drugs that have been approved and are used majorly in the Indian market. We now know that an increased and enhanced immunity is extremely beneficial in battling the virus and should take our vitamins to do so.

And even though the social distancing rules and personal protective equipment might seem lax all over India, there has been an increased awareness about the propagation of the virus and how to properly quarantine when a case appears in a household.

But by far the most important factor despite having the most corona deaths is our recovery rate. India has the highest number of total corona cases worldwide and the second-highest number of Corona deaths. But due to our impressive recovery rate, we have one of the lowest per capita deaths in the entire world. It can be attributed to our majorly young population that has better immunity than the elderly population of other countries. We have extensively covered in another Ziqitza Limited blog how a high recovery rate helps battle corona but a brief summation would be: High recovery rate implies more recovered people who can donate plasma. More plasma donors mean more success in plasma therapy. More success of plasma therapy, more recovered cases, and so on and so forth.

What Can I Do To Keep The Momentum Going?

For starters, you should practice all the social distancing norms that have been provided for the general public. Indulge in effective personal protective equipment and avoid stepping out when it is not necessary. All you can do to keep the momentum of decreasing daily cases in India is to follow the rules prescribed to battle the virus. Simple things like wearing a mask properly and following social distancing rules in addition to sanitizing objects you come in contact with can go a very long way in preventing the propagation of the virus.

What Is To Be Expected In The Future?

As pandemics go, the future is often undeterminable and blurry. Though with a decrease in daily cases, we can slowly take the first step towards normalcy again. If all social distancing rules are followed properly and PPEs are taken seriously, the daily number of Corona cases is expected to decline continuously. Till a vaccine is approved, PPEs and social distancing are our best defense measures against the virus.

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