Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd: These Are The Toughest Jobs In A Pandemic

Toughest Jobs In A Pandemic

Doctors, nurses, and medical staff have been at the frontline of the battle against the Corona Virus. They have been at it relentlessly since the pandemic started and even now after 6 months are giving their all to get in control of this situation. All the blessings, prayers, and praise they receive from the general public can never make up for their contribution. But besides hospital and emergency medical workers, there are other sectors too whose contribution to taming the pandemic hasn’t seen too much of light. So, in this Ziqitza blog post, we’re going to honour those who have been fulfilling our needs silently during the biggest pandemic this world has ever seen.

The Police have been patrolling almost every street in India since the lockdown commenced. They are out there risking their lives, maintaining lockdown rules, and ensuring there is still law and order. The Police should be highly honored for their tenacity and bravery. It is because of the police that India was able to survive and maintain the lockdown.

Even after the lockdown has been lifted and new rules have been imposed, the police are on the streets ensuring that the spread of the Corona Virus doesn’t shoot up drastically. In these tiring and scary times, the police have shown that the people of India can have faith in their policemen.

Ziqitza Healthcare salutes our Heroes in Khaki.

Delivery Men

Since the beginning of the lockdown, online businesses have been booming. No one wants to go outside and get exposed to the virus so almost everyone has turned to no contact deliveries. This has increased the workload of the already stressed out deliverymen by a tenfold.

People who are doing deliveries in the lockdown have a significantly higher risk of getting infected with the virus. They are willingly putting their lives at risk so that people don’t step out so much to get their essentials.

But the worst part is that they are being paid pennies for their work. Being a deliveryman is a tough job as it as and now with the added pressure of the pandemic, it has become one of the most difficult jobs right now. With them being underpaid and risking their lives, we all should respect deliverymen more.

Emergency Workers

Doctors are working round the clock to treat patients and curbing the Corona Virus. Apart from hospital staff there is frontline health workers like Ambulance staff who are responsible for transporting people who are in need of medical attention. Emergency workers are also at great risk of getting infected with COVID-19 as not only do they have to come in contact with asymptomatic and symptomatic carriers but they have to come in contact with them in an unsterilized environment.

Unlike doctors, frontline emergency workers have don’t have the comparatively safer, sterile environment of a hospital.

Ziqitza Limited operates emergency helplines that provide medical advice , ambulance for pregnant women and ambulance  for emergency medical transfers. The national ambulance helpline 108 is run by Ziqitza in multiple states to provide free emergency ambulance services. Anyone can dial 108 and avail ambulance services free of cost. This operation is a collaboration between the Indian government and Ziqitza Healthcare ltd under the National Health Mission.

Ziqitza Healthcare employs multitudes of workers for its operations to cover medically unequipped areas and has hence created over 10,000 jobs and opportunities for the people of India. Ziqitza aims to provide the world’s best emergency services to citizens of India and has worked privately and under the government to do so.


Though fewer and fewer people are coming on the streets now, maintaining a city is a tough job even in a pandemic. The municipalities have been on top of keeping the streets clean and closing down public parks to curb the spread of Corona Virus.

Due to fewer workers being available because of the pandemic, cities would get more and more polluted. But local authorities have been at it to prevent any more pitfalls in 2020. Streets are cleaner and parks are being maintained. Ziqitza Rajasthan thanks the municipalities for upholding the standards of cleanliness even in a pandemic

Essential Workers

Essential workers should be applauded for their outstanding efforts in keeping the country running during the worst spread of a deadly disease in the history of humanity. Essential workers in grocery stores and medical shops are risking their lives just to provide citizens with their daily needs. They are the ones who are loading and stocking up essentials and coming in contact with objects that have changed a lot of hands. Essential workers are severely underpaid for their hard work and should be honored for their sacrifice.

Emergency Call Centre Operatives

Emergency Call Centre Operatives are the people that sit on their phones day and night to connect emergency services with the people in need. They handle calls from across a country in a pandemic and are overworked because of the stressed situation. These call centers from an average of 20,000 calls to over 1 lakh calls a day.

Ziqitza Healthcare used to operate emergency helpline 181 for the Punjab Police to help them out on grievance redressal cases throughout the state. Ziqitza runs the call center with professionally trained emergency call center operatives to provide assistance to women, children, and general victims.

Teachers And Professors

It is of no surprise that teachers have sacrificed their comfort to provide students the education they need. School teachers and college professors are conducting online classes in their homes so that students don’t fall behind. Some teachers are even going to their respective institutions to provide all the software and blackboard teaching that is only available in a school/college.

The efforts of teachers are commendable and they deserve to be paid much more than they are paid now. Teachers and professors are the unsung heroes of this pandemic. Ziqitza Healthcare ltd salutes our country’s teachers.


The great thing about NGOs is that they are not afraid of the pandemic. They are still out there, taking necessary precautions and ensuring that the citizens of India are getting the help they need. Many NGOs are responsible for donating masks to rural areas and educating them about the usefulness of PPEs.

NGOs have been a major part of the fight against Corona and have played their role religiously. You should also do your part and donate to your nearest NGO that is helping out in curbing the spread of Corona.

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