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A long, misty nature’s walk on a monsoon morning is everyone’s perfect recipe for their morning workout session. But with the onslaught of the pandemic and the world record-breaking spike of the Coronavirus cases in India (80 thousand in one day), it is ironically no longer healthier or safer for people to exercise outside their homes.

Gyms have been shut down for public health safety reasons and in some states like Uttar Pradesh; there is still the enforcement of a lockdown on weekends. People, after some strong efforts, have been able to find mental normalcy by oiling their minds with practices like reading and writing, but many are still struggling on how to keep their body fit during the quarantine.

Well, Ziqitza Healthcare ltd has come up with some healthy practices tips to oil up the machinery that is the human body in healthy but more importantly safer ways in the pandemic caused by the Corona Virus.

Home Gyms

People who are in extremely good physical shape and visit the gym regularly gain not only firm, powerful muscles but also the respect from others who want to be motivated to do so too. This respect is garnered for gym-goers because of their tenacity and rock hard schedules.

However, because of this global spread of a deadly disease, gyms and other public spaces of exercise like yoga parks have been shut down to prevent further propagation. So it has been tough for gym-goers to develop a new routine in the absence of a gym.

The first approach would be to build a home gym in a section of your house. Various e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart provide home gyms with a whole array of different setups. You can buy a fully functioning, expensive gym set with all the instruments, or if money and space are a hindrance there are many cheap options available too.

Home Exercise Routine

Not everyone wants to build a home gym in their homes as the gym equipment oftentimes is expensive and there is also the hassle of managing entire machinery on your own. So, one healthy way for you to not let your body sit idle in quarantine is to develop an at-home workout regime. These can utilize dumbbells or can be completely free of any external equipment.

Many sites will help you in developing a home exercise routine but the most important thing for you to know is what is aptly suited for your body. Take your time and construct a safe regime in which your body can grow but not get injured as the absence of trainers can often result in incorrect forms and avoidable mistakes.

Here is a home gym exercise routine.

Here is a dumbbell exercise routine.

Here is a No equipment exercise routine.

Exercising Outdoors In A Pandemic

Not everyone can take to the ‘suffocation’ of working out indoors all the time. Sometimes it is needed to step out and work out surrounded by nature. But with the looming threat of COVID-19, this leisure activity has become a rare, occasional occurrence.

Ziqitza advises you to exercise indoors as much as you can, but if you are going out to exercise, you should always choose a spot that has a sparse human frequency. You should try to avoid contact with other people as much as you can as it’s a double-edged sword. You could be an asymptomatic carrier and infect them but they could also an asymptomatic carrier and infect you. So don’t go for a jog on a road that will have a lot of people traveling by it, instead try to run inside your living complex or on less frequented service roads.

If you do decide to workout outdoors, try to choose a time when most people would be inside their homes. Early morning yoga at maybe 5 am or late evenings around 8 pm would provide comparatively less propagation to the CoronaVirus. Each drop counts.

PPE To Wear While Exercising Outdoors

Personal protective equipment including masks and gloves contrary to popular opinion can and should be worn while exercising. In cardio exercises like running and cycling, a mask is a must as there are higher chances of coming in contact with other humans.

Moreover, the chances of spreading the virus increase by tenfold if a jogger is not wearing a mask as the rate of breath entering and exiting his/her mouth are very high. An asymptomatic carrier could potentially infect hundreds of people by not wearing a mask while running.

A mask is highly recommended if you are stepping out to exercise during the pandemic.

However, don’t force yourself to wear a mask if you find it extremely difficult to breath. Studies show that tall, thin people have comparatively under developed lungs that might collapse due to exercising while wearing a mask. So please wear a mask if you’re exercising mildly, but for heavy workouts it is okay to take off your PPE for a while.

Social Distancing While Exercising

Performing a sweaty workout is no excuse for not wearing a mask and refusing to maintain a 6 feet distance from other humans. The number of COVID -19 cases in India is rising and there is no prediction of them going down without a miracle. So do your part and always avoid coming in contact with people whenever it is possible. Do try to exercise in sparsely populated public areas.


Like everything, the key to exercising safely outdoors in a pandemic is moderation. Mix things up. Exercise at your home on weekdays and go outside for runs on the weekends. Or you could rotate between home workouts and outdoor exercise every other day. If it is avoidable, and that too easily, stay inside. It is safer there and it makes the world safer too.

About Ziqitza

Ziqitza Healthcare is a private contractor for emergency ambulance services that supply ambulances in all major parts of India. We aim to provide the people of India with top quality emergency relief services like those in the USA and Europe.

Ziqitza Limited has collaborated with the  few state governments to operate a national level helpline102 under the NHM (National Health Mission) to provide free emergency aid to Indian citizens. Ziqitza is India’s one of the largest social enterprise with over 10,000 employees. We strive for providing ambulance services that are on par with our international counterparts.

We at Ziqitza understands that in  current pandemic it is important to ensure physical and emotional well-being of our employees too who are working under stretched conditions. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL), Asia’s largest emergency medical service provider and one of the fastest-growing holistic healthcare solutions platforms in India, today announced its venture into Corporate Wellness services. The company has already signed up over 50 corporates from various sectors including E-commerce, Manufacturing companies, Insurance, IT, Real estate, FMCG amongst others. Aiming to become a “one-stop solution” for corporate wellness & holistic healthcare for corporates, Ziqitza limited offers turnkey solutions that include Ambulance at Site, Wellness at Workplace, Telehealth Services for Employees, Medical Rooms, Doctors on Site and Occupational Health Therapies, among others.

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