Summer Hydration Tips: Keeping Yourself Healthy

How To Stay Hydrated This Summer

As heat is at its peak, this time of the year in India, staying hydrated in summer is one of the most common challenges witnessed across cities and towns. During the summer, especially in the month of May, keeping your body cooler is a big challenge due to the fluids it loses in the form of sweat.

However, what makes this worse is that not only does the body lose abundant fluids, but also essential salts and minerals. Recovering this loss might pose as another issue during this season due to external temperatures. Failure to deal with this challenge can lead to chronic dehydration, and to make matters worse, can also cause ailments such as – constipation, liver problems, weight gain, blood pressures problems, joint and muscle damage, premature aging and gastritis, stomach ulcers, or kidney stones, to name a few.

Following are a few tips to beat the heat, and keep yourself hydrated, thereby preventing any major discomfort or illnesses, and staying healthy:

Consume abundant fluids – Drink an adequate amount of water every day, to retain fluids in the body this season. Some experts also recommend 6-8 glasses daily, but the intake should depend on a person’s demographics, height, weight, and level of physical activity.

 Refrain from alcohol, smoking, and diuretics – Smoking causes the throat to dry up, while alcohol and diuretics like cola, coffee, and other caffeine-based drinks lead to a loss of fluids in the body, increasing the production of urine. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid both in general, especially during the summer to prevent severe dehydration.

Do not over-exercise – Limit your workout, by probably opting for yoga, which is a more relaxing activity, but refrains from physical over-exertion, particularly if the frequency of water consumption for hydration is low.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes – Wear lighter shades this season; as darker ones absorb more heat, causing an increase in sweating. Additionally, tight-fitting clothes prevent external cooling down of the body required to control internal temperatures, and thus, it is advisable to opt for loose cotton clothing.

Eat potassium-rich food – As the body tends to lose essential electrolytes along with water in the summer, potassium-rich foods like bananas, coconut water, and mangoes among others should be consumed for replenishment, to avoid dehydration.

Most importantly, make it a point to remember all EMS numbers like 102 and 108, depending on where you are or reside in order to obtain medical aid and care at the earliest, in case you feel like you might be experiencing a heatstroke or extreme dizziness/weakness. Also bear in mind that Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. (ZHL) – the fastest emergency response service provider in India operates various Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance services and Advanced Ambulance Service across the country, that contribute to a great extent in offering aid and relief to a person suffering from chronic dehydration.

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