Spin on the usual New Year’s Resolutions to Emergency Care!

New Year’s Resolution 2020

The idea of having New Year’s resolution is a fabulous one if you stick by it.

After all, starting your New Year with a fresh approach towards your life is far better than anything else. Practically speaking, this annual ritual now holds no more value than a joke, to an extent that people bet among their friends on how long their friends’ resolutions would last. It’s become so futile for a few of them that they’ve stopped making resolutions in the first place.

The problem here lies in setting lofty goals that you eventually end up ditching by the next or following months. Your resolutions need to be more than just inspirations and realistic enough for you to prepare yourself for them. Also if serving others inspires you while you hardly keep up to resolutions involving your own life, then its time you spin on the usual resolutions with something for the betterment of others to keep yourself motivated.

Wondering which resolution of yours can benefit others? Well, your least contribution can make a huge difference to someone. All you’ve got to do is include some of the basic yet important activities in your list of resolutions that are easy to execute. These activities could be as simple as:

Avoid Self Medication: As per doctors and other medical experts, self-medication can be a kiss of death. It can lead to deleterious and life-threatening drug reactions if prescription drugs are not regulated strictly. So, always buy medicines as prescribed by your physician for yourself or your beloved ones. If you can’t physically go to the physician, make it a point to at least call on 104 health helpline number for consultation from a doctor for medication or any other health related query.

Avoid Self Medication

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Call 108 Ambulance during Emergencies: This could be the simplest of resolutions that can help you save someone’s life. The best part of it is you hardly need any time to follow such a resolution, but the impact of the same is priceless. Since the government now has been supportive of passerby’s reporting accidents and emergency cases, you no longer have to let any victim suffer to death during accident emergencies on roads. Also, you don’t even need to stay back at the accident site with the victim after calling 108 medical emergency number. However, it is recommended on the moral grounds to be at the site until the ambulance arrives.

CPR & First Aid Training: Training yourself to save someone’s life without having to qualify MBBS is in itself an advantage. Make the most of it by enrolling yourself for CPR & First Aid training. It will enable you to become more responsive to emergencies like cardiac attack, road accidents, hypoglycaemia, etc. You will not only be able to save others but also use the same knowledge for yourself during such emergencies.

Corporate Wellness: If you are an employer looking for measures to lower absenteeism among your employees, you can get a corporate wellness programme for the employees. As a start-up, if you can’t go for the entire programme, you can at least opt for preventive health check-up of your employees. It will not only reduce absenteeism but also increase productivity at the workplace by your healthy employees.

Corporate Wellness

Transfer through Ambulance: A lot of them make this mistake of transferring the patients to a different hospital by their private or public vehicles. It is not at all recommended. You must rather call for a well-equipped ambulance with the necessary facilities to stabilise the patient during transportation if required.  These ambulances come with equipment and a team of paramedics who are capable of handling the situation if an emergency arises. Any kind of ignorance in taking care of cardiac and accident patients during transportation may risk their life. You must, thus, make it a resolution to call an ambulance while shifting or transferring a patient from one place to another.

Emergency care and services make an interesting domain if you wish to have tasks from it as your New Year’s resolutions. Those concerned of how will they be able to follow the above resolutions effectively can simply connect with Ziqitza Healthcare – one of the best emergency healthcare service providers in India.

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