Medical Wellness Solutions for Corporates

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Medical Wellness has become a necessity in today’s world that’s full of hustle and bustle. Working/salaried class is the one that has been severely affected by the increasing work with deadlines shortening each day. Tired of this hustling lifestyle, many fall prey to illness and disorders which in turn not only hampers their personal life but also their professional productivity. These concerns lead many of the employers to take preventive measures and ensure the wellness of their employees. Many employers went for corporate medical wellness programs for the overall wellbeing of their office staff and themselves. Fortunately, it worked! Companies with wellness programs drive a 25% reduction in absenteeism and an 8% increase in productivity. Besides understanding their positive impact, it is equally important for us to know what solution these corporate wellness programs  provide. It will enable each one of us to make an attentive choice of implementing it across our organisations.

Some of the prominent medical wellness solutions offered under wellness programs include:

Ambulance on Site: Emergencies always come uninvited. So, keeping ourselves prepared for emergencies is a smart way to tackle them with quality pre-hospital care and timely transfer of a patient to the nearest hospital. All of this emergency care is offered under the supervision of trained paramedics and emergency medical technicians capable of operating advanced equipment in ambulances.

Wellness at the workplace: It fosters an overall sense of well-being among the employees from a stressful lifestyle. These wellness programs include employee engagement activities, yoga and meditation, team building activities and on-site health camps to reinforce confidence, happiness and energy in employees. It brings a positive change in the work culture of the organisation, which further improves the productivity of the employees.

Telehealth Services: This service might seem a regular one as each one of us has the number of some or the other family physician with whom we can consult for medical advice. The catch here is, how many of us do it? And how many times do the physicians receive our call? Well, you know the answers to it. This service is offered 24/7 for 365 days with assured medical assistance at the time of emergency by the medical staff at the company. On top of it, this service can also help you get a second opinion from expert doctors of the calibre equal to your family physicians.

Medical Room/Doctor on site: Having a medical room or a doctor on-site enables the employees to have immediate access to medical care during emergencies or sudden illness. It also helps in reducing the absenteeism as quick access to doctor is available in the office itself to treat the employees. In addition to this, the doctor can help in early diagnosis of a disorder and even offer preventive care to employees through wellness activities and lifestyle management initiatives.

Occupational Health: In certain scenarios where the company has manufacturing units at different locations, the company can opt for occupational health centres service. These health centres are equipped to handle all sort of emergencies with 24/7 ambulance service, medical rooms setup, MBBS doctors and paramedics. It will help the company to focus on their core production without worrying about the EHS & Factory Act compliance while ensuring the employees are safe from occupational health hazards at the workplace. The complete management of the health centres is taken care of by the healthcare provider once outsourced to them.

Parameters to select Healthcare Service Provider

While selecting a medical wellness program or connecting with a corporate wellness program provider, you must always check for the eligibility of the healthcare service provider to offer the above services.  You can do that by running through their previous work experience and network in the healthcare industry, along with their ability to provide quality service 24/7 to your company. One such organization that lives up to all these criteria is Ziqitza Healthcare Limited. Their corporate clientele is the ultimate testimony for it.

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