Safety Tips For Trekkers This Monsoon

Safety Tips For Trekkers This Monsoon

Monsoon is an exciting season for travellers to get away from the hustle bustle of their daily lives. A lot of adventure lovers get their trekking gear ready, as the weather is perfect for adventure enthusiasts to experience their annual share of an adrenaline rush on several hills and mountain ranges.

However, while trekking during the monsoon is fun, it can also be a little risky, especially for amateurs and children. Therefore, it is important to follow these safety tips, for a responsible trekking trip and to have a good time:

Check the best time to visit — Before embarking on any adventurous trail, make sure that you do your research on the appropriate time for the same, especially during this season. It is best to opt for a trek is either during pre- monsoon or post-monsoon showers. Moreover, a day trek is usually safer than a night trek, as heavy rains can make the trail mucky and cumbersome for climbing. Also, in the case of crossing a waterfall or stream during the trail, it might be challenging to understand their volume at night.

Follow existing trails — It is always recommended to follow trails that are known and that have been embarked on earlier. Through changing times, most trails become permanent, and therefore, research during the rains is important to not lose your way while trekking. While the scenery might be enchanting, an unknown trail always poses greater risk during this season due to slippery trails.

Wear comfortable shoes — While it is a basic suggestion, it should be taken seriously in the rains due to highly slippery trails. Always opt for comfortable shoes/sneakers for trekking, to prevent falling or slipping. There are some brands with specific shoes for trekking, so it is advisable to invest a little more for enhanced safety.  Moreover, wear light and comfortable clothes too, for a seamless trekking experience amidst monsoon showers.

Seek expertise — When trekking as a beginner, especially in a group, be very alert when the leader is giving instructions, while starting at the base camp, and while returning. Expertise while trekking especially during the monsoon is critical to prevent any accident or mishap. Families opting for the same should seek necessary expertise so that parents can take charge in case of an emergency situation with respect to their children.

Keep emergency numbers handy As most trekking adventures involve opting for trails far from the main city, it is important to make note of all emergency contacts and numbers, if a need for the same arises, especially during heavy rains. Keep in mind that in case of an emergency or mishap,  call 108 for ALS and BLS ambulance services in every state, which take care of transport for any medical emergency. These ambulances are promptly operated and managed in Punjab, Jharkhand, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. (ZHL).

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