Ziqitza – Safe Ways To Visit A Hospital In A Pandemic

Safe Ways to Travel to a Hospital in Pandemic

Ironically enough, the scariest place a person can think of visiting during a pandemic is a hospital. And in a sense, the fear is justified. Hospitals are the hotspots for corona patients because well, they’re being treated there. So it’s fine for a healthy person to fear going to a hospital. But completely avoiding medical attention when it’s needed is foolish.

So we here at Ziqitza Healthcare ltd have come up with methods for the common public to practice and protect themselves (and others) whenever they visit a medical space/ hospital:

  1. Always Follow Social Distancing: The hospital is a public space in regular life and even more so during a pandemic. You should always follow the government prescribed social distancing rules of maintaining a 6 feet gap and wearing a mask as if your life depends on it because it actually does. Doctors and medical staff are putting their lives on the line and working in horrific conditions to pull us out of this nightmarish situation. The least we could do is follow rules that definitively curb the spread of the virus, the rules being of social distancing. Always try to maintain atleast 6 feet distance from everyone whenever it is possible, even if the hospital is crowded. Don’t be afraid to educate others about this situation too. Even if one person does what he/she is supposed to, it could result in the saving of many lives. Be careful and cautious.
  2. Travel Alone: Travelling to a hospital in times like these can be scary and it’s normal to want a comforting shoulder, but unnecessarily stepping outside can result in a fatal failure rather than a comforting shoulder. So if it’s possible, travel alone when you are going to a hospital for your treatment for there is a risk of both you and your partner getting infected or infecting other people around the hospital. If some patients can’t travel alone for example a child, or a differently-abled person, or a senior citizen, it is alright for them to have a companion. But be careful and follow all the rules of social distancing and PPEs. Minimize your risk. Don’t raise it unnecessarily. Or if it’s an emergency, Ziqitza provides top of the line network of emergency ambulance services to the citizens of India across all metros. It also runs a 102 free helpline to give out no cost transportation services to pregnant women of India under the JSSK program started in 2011.
  3. Wearing Proper PPE: Personal protective equipment or PPE for short has become a common word in the Indian household now. Now that is a great thing as more and more people are getting aware of the situation of the world and the dangerous, rapid spread of the Corona Virus. But generally, people fail to understand the true meaning of PPE. PPE means a personal method for the general public to shield themselves from a transferrable disease. There is no standard for it so people have become abstract with the concept, and it works in the general way when people are only stepping out to buy groceries and go on their morning exercise routine. But in a public place and a hospital at that, you should always be equipped to your maximum protectiveness. Wear gloves and a mask, carry a sanitizer with you and avoid touching objects when it is not required. You can equip yourself with the best protection because you have the freedom to do so. Don’t always go for the bare minimum. Protect yourself in the best way you can when visiting a hospital.
  4. Interacting With Doctors And Hospital Staff: Doctors, nurses, and receptionists interact with the most amount of people infected with the Corona Virus. So please maintain distance from them and try to avoid getting in contact with them. You could be an asymptomatic carrier and endanger not only the lives of hospital workers but also the patients they are tending to. Respect medical staff for putting their lives on the risk for the country and don’t provide any avoidable hindrance in their work.
  5. Interacting With Other Patients: Many people in India have a habit of stopping on the streets and talking to an acquaintance they randomly found. This habit is still being instilled in people as they are not able to get much human interaction. But please, don’t stop in the middle of the hospital to chat with your neighbor who happened to be in the hospital when you were too. A hospital is a fast-paced cleansing mechanism trying to clean up the dirt littered by the Corona Virus, and by mindlessly chatting with other patients you are a cog in the said mechanism. Get your check-up done and return home as soon as possible. The cases are rising. Lifting of the lockdown doesn’t mean we are winning, it means that the government is betting on the common sense of people. Prove to them that they’ve selected the right horse.

About Ziqitza healthcare

Ziqitza Healthcare ltd is a company that started originally in Mumbai by the founders Shaffi Mather, Manish Sacheti, Ravi Krishna, Naresh Jain, and Sweta Mangal . Three of the founders are from Rajasthan and many times people in past has literally referred the company as Ziqitza Rajasthan.

Ziqitza Healthcare is responsible for serving over 16 Indian states and providing medically unequipped areas with top-notch ambulance services. They employ over 10,000 employees through our operations and are the largest social enterprise in India.

The ambulance services of Ziqitza have many features that match up to their international counterparts. We provide the best oximeter available on the market in our ambulances and quite recently Ziqitza Healthcare has launched amphibious boat ambulance services first of it’s kind in Odisha.

The goal of Ziqitza Limited has always been to provide the best emergency services to India, even better than the ones in the USA or Europe. That’s why Ziqitza has partnered up with the government of India to provide better emergency services to millions of Indian citizens.


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