Factors responsible for Patient Safety during Medical Emergency

Patient Safety during Medical Emergency

The medical facilities and professional aids have evolved over a while into an organized and healthy ecosystem. It is now well equipped to deal with medical emergencies. The proper emergency care, including the quick response from bystanders, ambulance availability, trained paramedics and advanced ambulance units, plays a vital role in saving the life of a patient or victim. With patient safety being the priority, let’s understand the critical factors responsible for maintaining it on this Patient Safety Day.

First Responder Programme: Saving a life is equivalent to saving the entire humanity. So, all of us need to know how to give first aid, CPR and maturely handle the patient during an emergency. We don’t need to be a paramedic or doctor to do it as it requires only a sense of responsibility and street smart brain capable of providing the safety to the patient until the ambulance arrives. Many emergency health care providers, like Ziqitza HealthCare, offer the First Responder Programme for the general public to get trained in handling medical emergencies. Such a program can help a patient get instant aid during emergencies, provided the bystanders or people around him/her are trained enough to respond to the situation quickly. Also, it is a well-known fact the initial one hour is the golden period for every patient and quick response during that hour increases the possibility of saving the patient.

Quick Access to Ambulance: Ambulance is the soul of emergency services. Its availability at the emergency spot or quick access to transfer the patient to the nearest hospital defines the further course of the patient’s journey. We must always have the emergency ambulance numbers handy or remember the numbers such as 102 and 108 emergency telephone numbers to call an ambulance quickly. Quick access to ambulance makes it easier to handle the patient during an emergency safely.

Staff Safety ensures Patient Safety: For patient safety, the safety of paramedics is utmost important. Considering the pandemic COVID-19 situation, the emergency service providers such as Ziqitza ensure all the safety measures possible for the paramedics. They check the temperature of the staff regularly, thoroughly sanitize the ambulances and offer required PPE kit for complete protection of the paramedics from the pandemic. The safety of paramedics ensures that not only the COVID-19 disease but also other diseases ain’t transmitted to the patient through them.

Trained Paramedics: Trained paramedics with decent experience in handling emergencies are bliss to patients who need critical care. The ambulance driver, technicians and other paramedics play a crucial role in patient transfer and emergency care. They are among the first few people who give their best to keep the patient safe until he/she reaches the hospital for proper treatment. They are trained not only to handle the patient but also to provide the necessary medicines while transporting them to the nearest hospital if needed. They make a huge difference with their dedication and skill in offering patient safety.

Calling the Right Ambulance: Although it may seem not so important to check for the type of ambulance required during an emergency, it is one of the factors that can do wonders for the safety of a patient. We must always call for an advanced ambulance for a patient with cardiac or other deadly disorders/diseases or an accident victim, even while transferring them from hospital to hospital. For a regular transfer of a patient too, we must always call for an ambulance only and avoid shifting the patients via private vehicles. For patient safety, we need the support of the paramedics and equipment to monitor the condition of the patient, so we must avoid shifting patient via private vehicles.

All of the above factors are equally important for patient safety. We must ensure that the emergency ambulance service providers like Ziqitza HealthCare cover all the factors to offer patient safety with ease.

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