The Importance of Ambulance for Events: Safety Priority

An Ambulance For Events

Any mass gathering of people, whether it’s a music concert, sporting event, religious ceremony, political demonstration, or public exhibition, is subject to numerous risks. These may be in the form of fires, stampedes, riots, terrorist attacks, or other such mishaps, that may result in multiple casualties. The presence of an ambulance for events of such a nature isn’t just a lifesaving grace; it is in fact, mandated by several local and state laws as an essential safety precaution.

If we look to pass tragedies, where the presence of large groups resulted in chaos and horrible human losses, we can just how many of these incidents could have been avoided with timely medical intervention with ambulances at events. Here are a few reasons why having at least one ambulance on-site is important during a mid to large scale event:

Medical Aid

Large concentrations of people in a small space, given the number of variables – is a recipe for accidents to occur. The primary job of an onsite ambulance in this regard is to treat and prevent life-threatening injuries from becoming fatal. In such cases, a fully equipped onsite ambulance can also to serve as a mobile medical unit, if the need be.

A Sign Of Reassurance

In large gatherings, the real risk to human life may not necessarily be from fire or explosions, but rather from the panic such incidents may cause. Each year in India, panic results in horrific stampedes result in innumerable casualties in a single incident. The Ratangarh temple stampede of 2013 left 115 people dead, while the Sabarimala stampede of 2012 resulted in an additional 100; and such tragedies are all too common in this country. Ambulances, (along with other emergency services) simply by being present onsite, subliminally reassure people that in case of any casualty they will be promptly attended to, thereby preventing panic.


Modern ambulances are equipped to handle several possible types of casualties from burns and heart attacks, to blunt force trauma and overdosing. They are therefore more than capable of confronting any potential disaster that could occur at a large scale event.


When it comes to saving people, time is of the essence, and any delay can have dire consequences for the patient. Large events often strain the infrastructure around them i.e. roads, bridges, and walkways, thereby preventing emergency vehicles from other parts of the city/town from being able to respond promptly to an incident. Therefore, having an ambulance onsite greatly reduces response times in the case of an accident.

Safety and security should always be the utmost priority for any event organizer. With so many lives at stake and innumerable risks that could cause unbelievable carnage, it’s always best to take every precaution to mitigate any possible damage. If you’re an event organizer, you’re in luck, because we at ZHL, provide our 1298 Ambulance services for events like Cricket Matches, Football Matches, Corporate Ceremonies, and several other kinds of mass gatherings. With our impeccable track record, you can rest assured that your safety is in good hands.

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