Healthy Lifestyle Choices For People

Healthy Lifestyle Choices for People

At Ziqitza Health Care (ZHL), we firmly believe that the secret to a healthy life does not lie in extensive workouts or skipping meals in a desperate attempt to lose weight, but instead, in making multiple small, healthier changes in our lifestyles, every day. This philosophy has inspired us at ZHL to encourage and guide people to gradually adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Following are some of the off-beat, but essential and trending tips that will bring people closer towards achieving their health goals:

Digital Detox– One of the toughest, yet effective forms of detox is digital detox. Experts have been warning individuals against constant exposure to screens for a while now. Apart from it damaging your eyes, it causes fatigue, sluggishness, and irritability due to lack of sleep and prolonged usage of devices. Being obsessed with gadgets around you could also lead to the negligence of your personal life. To avoid this, a certain degree of self-discipline must be exercised. As working on screens has become inevitable, set realistic targets at the beginning rather than getting addicted to them, like reducing the usage of one particular device, making an essential gadget list and giving yourself a daily screen allowance. A double tip like this could be a start to your digital detox.

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)– The most valid excuse for slacking on exercise is the lack of time. Working out essentially requires at least an hour’s commitment and that is unfeasible for most people. With HIIT, you need to commit no more than 30 minutes and you can still achieve successful results. Most health clubs and gymnasiums design a short workout for people devoid of the luxury of time. HIIT provides the same benefits that a regular workout does and more, due to the high intensity wherein you continue to burn calories after the workout as your body replaces energy and repairs muscle proteins that were damaged during the exercise. However, due to the intense stress experienced, you should only perform this workout two or three times a week to ensure complete replenishment of energy.

Organic Food– The real dilemma in everyone’s mind is the difference in quality between a conventionally grown crop and an organically grown crop. While both inherently offer the same benefits, organic food offers a moderate increase in some nutrients and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and has lower detectable levels of pesticide residue, as opposed to conventionally grown food. It is also not as expensive as it is readily available at most supermarkets.

Look After Your Cardiac Health- For the countless working professionals chained to a desk, the best way to maintain cardiac health is to use the staircase rather than the elevator. Heart disease is one of the top ten global causes of death, yet, heart health is highly neglected. It is thus, imperative to be wary of heart-related diseases. In case you experience even a minor heartache or any related emergency and require medical attention, dial 108/1298 for prompt ambulance services provided by ZHL as any defect could lead to grave medical risk.

Opt For Regular Health Check-ups– This is the most ignored health tip. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in India is a challenge with the unaware population, pollution, and poverty. Though the exercise fever has caught on, a healthy routine is pointless without routine health check-ups and tests to ensure the smooth functioning of your body. Paid, as well as free-of-charge health check-ups, are available in India and healthcare must be customized by making lifestyle corrections when need be. Moreover, women should get screened and tested for potential and life-threatening diseases such as cervical or ovarian cancer that have been on a rise, especially in India. To ensure the well-being of women, in particular, ZHL has provided emergency medical numbers such as Dial 108 & 104 Health helpline for medical assistance and care.

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