How to take care of your Employees Health?

Employees Health

The World Health Organisation defines health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.  Health plays an important role when it comes to business productivity. Ziqitza healthcare explains that for companies to achieve success in their endeavours, it must prioritise the health of its employees and must ensure that its employees are fit and healthy, and not just physically but mentally as well. Good health of employees ensures great workplace productivity.

Ziqitza Rajasthan further stresses that a healthy life consists of regular exercise, balanced diet and good sleep, and most importantly a stress-free work environment. An employee’s health and wellbeing is an integral part of the workplace because it is directly proportional to the overall employee engagement within the organisation.

Creating a work culture that promotes and emphasises on good health and well-being of the employees is very important. Good health and well-being is directly proportional to the employee engagement in an organisation.

Ziqitza healthcare ltd points out that in recent times, concentrating and spending on promotion of health among employees has become an integral constituent of the organisational culture and ethos. Ziqitza, stresses that there is scientific evidence that reflects that employees that are healthy are more productive and hard working.

What does employee health mean? It is a term which defines the overall health of the employees of an organisation, and typically involves all components of health and wellness, i.e. both physiological and mental. ZHL Rajasthan explains that the well-being of the employees is one of the most crucial aspects of a business organisation these days because healthy employees are largely considered success pillars of an organisation. Businesses across the world have begun realising the importance of employee health and have put into motion various policies and practises that ensures the wellbeing of employees.

Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan is of the opinion that health of the employees are directly correlated to the organizational success. An organization with healthy employees is well-equipped to take up any challenge and ride through all sorts of adversities. It is a universal fact that a healthy individual will perform better and be more productive in comparison to a sick and unhealthy individual. Therefore, if the employees are healthy, the business productivity will increase and also improve the company’s image and value. Ziqitza Limited further elaborates that taking care of employees’ well-being is not only beneficial to employees, but to the business as well, since it creates an efficient operating environment that is productive, optimistic, motivated and creative.

One of the primary roles of an HR is to ensure that the company invests in employees’ well-being and health. Providing employees with medical insurance, improving access to office clinics etc. are few of the most common ways of ensuring well-being of the employees. Ziqitza Health care limited explains that one of the most popular ways which is proving beneficial for the businesses is the adoption of a corporate wellness programme for the staff. If adopted and implemented well, this could lead to an improvement of 80% in overall productivity and performance of the organization.

Written below are few ways which the businesses can adopt for their employees’ good health and well-being:

Promote Regular Exercise: Long working hours and sedentary lifestyles are two primary reasons for bad health in workplaces. Businesses can conduct workout sessions daily to cut down on sitting hours, or call in a fitness expert to conduct workout sessions or seminars at the workplace. Yoga at desk can be practised for relaxation and stretching to rectify bad postures due to long sitting hours. Organisations can conduct various kinds of wellness challenges, or conduct sports day in their bid to promote physical activity.

Promote Good Eating Habits: When promoting good health, the value of a good nutritional and balanced diet cannot be undermined. Organisations can promote good eating habits by providing healthy snacks, juices etc at the workplace.

Promote Cleanliness: One thing that COVID-19 has taught us everyone is the importance of basic hygiene and sanitation. Organisation must promote adoption of basic hygiene and sanitation practices within the office premises. Organisations can conduct cleanliness drives periodically and encourage employees to clean their workstations and nearby areas.

Adopt Social Wellness: Social equality and sense of belonging is important for the health of employees. As an organisation, you must conduct regular team building and trust building activities. This would create a positive environment and foster happiness and satisfaction among employees.

Improve Mental Health of Employees: While physical health is important, focus on employees mental health is also paramount. Mental health can directly affect the productivity and revenue upstream in a workplace. Mental health issues can make a person stressed, anxious, tired or more. Having a doctor on call can really help your employees address their mental health issues and can also address their well-being issues.

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