Why do Healthcare Ambulance Service Workers need Your Support?

Healthcare Ambulance Service Workers

With over two months of lockdown now, the pandemic COVID-19 is still far from our control with death toll and positive cases on the rise. The coronavirus has affected almost every aspect of our lives, leaving no exception. This adverse situation has compelled us to focus on increasing the emergency care, ambulance and frontline workers to combat the pandemic. While we are struggling to improve our overall healthcare system, the nature has yet again hit us with multiple disasters in the past few days. As if, the novel coronavirus wasn’t enough!

In such tough times, we all might agree that we need as many emergency ambulance service frontline workers as possible. We have timely appreciated their role despite the struggles they’ve faced during the pandemic COVID-19. We also understand that offering them more than just appreciation is need of the hour. Despite all these factors, one might wonder why supporting the frontline workers is essential. Well, here’s why we believe in supporting the healthcare ambulance service frontline workers:

Crucial Role in Emergencies: Amphan has devastated the coastal regions of West Bengal and Odisha. Similarly, flood in Assam and landslides in Meghalaya has worsened the situation in our country. Many affected from these disasters need emergency care. Hence, we need frontline warriors the most to reach the affected for emergency care and patient transportation to the nearest hospital. Their vital role in post disasters compel us to support them.

Increase their moral: There is shortage of frontline workers today. With the increase in COVID-19 cases and natural calamities, this has further increased the gap between the expected number and current number of frontline workers. Those working on ground zero are getting exhausted due to overload of work. In such a scenario, it is important that the moral of existing frontline workers is high or else they will also start losing hope of overcoming this series of difficulties any time soon. Thus, they need our support to keep up with the good work.

Pay their worth: The frontline workers are overworked and risking their life everyday just to save our lives. They deserve to at least have the necessary PPE kit, decent pay and safety of their family. All of which will be possible only if they receive financial support from us. With most of the organisations offering emergency services being non-profit, it has become our social responsibility to offer financial help to them.

If the current scenario of adversity and multiple challenges faced by our nation do not compel you to donate for the Healthcare frontline workers, then what else will. So, donate now to Ambulance Access for All foundation by clicking the following link: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/Help-Healthcare-workers-Help-Us?payment=form. Your little donation can make a lot of difference. Today, they need us the most. Tomorrow, we might need them the most. So, be generous!

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