Frontline Workers Need More Than Just Support & Appreciation

Frontline Workers

The entire world is under lockdown for the past few months. Each one of us is contributing to combating the pandemic COVID-19 by staying home or supplying medical aids and essential commodities to the needy. However, the novel Coronavirus is not ready to give up on us soon — the WHO has even claimed that it may never leave us. The only way out of this mess in the current scenario is that we learn to co-exist and get immune to it.

Despite this, medical professionals and paramedics will always be susceptible to get infected by it more than an ordinary person. Thanks to more exposure to the Coronavirus :(. Paramedics, especially ambulance drivers, technicians, and first responders, will be at high risk due to their jobs demand. So, it is our responsibility as fellow citizens to help these ambulance drivers, ambulance device technicians, and first aid providers. We need to stand in solidarity with them not just in appreciating their work during the pandemic, but by offering the “Real Help”. And what’s that? That’s a Donation! Because simply recognising them over social media or through any other gesture from inside our home is not enough today. They need more than just appreciation.

Here’s why we advocate support through a donation to the frontline workers:

Preventive GearPreventive Gear: Our donation can help these frontline heroes to get Personal Protective Equipment kit for themselves. It will reduce their chances of getting infected from COVID-19 patients while offering first aid or transporting them to hospitals. There is a massive number of frontline workers who are compelled to work without proper PPE kit due to lack of affordability and availability.

Treat Infected WorkersTreat Infected Workers: The salary of these frontline workers is the bare minimum that’s only enough to feed their family. So, they can certainly not afford an expensive treatment like that of COVID-19 on their own. We could turn into life saviours of those helping save our or our beloved’s life with our little donation.
Meal and AccomodationMeal And Accommodation: With a spike in positive cases of Coronavirus, the working hours of many frontline workers have drastically increased – leaving them no or hardly any option to visit their home for a proper meal and some rest. This situation has compelled many hospitals and emergency care organisations employing them, to ensure they get their daily meals and even decent accommodation. Our donation can help them keep serving humanity with much dedication and devotion.

Train and Appoint More StaffTrain And Appoint More Staff: In our fight against COVID-19, we will need more frontline workers until we successfully control the ever-increasing cases. It also means we will have to train the existing frontline workers to do the job and even appoint a few hundreds more. The current health care infrastructures of even the developed countries aren’t capable enough to bear these increased expenses and immense work pressure, leave alone the developing countries like ours. Every penny of our donation will help strengthen our health care system and at least, do the needful for now.

Support their Families

Support Their Families: During tough times like these, many families of those frontline workers who lost their lives need our support. In cases where they were the only earning member of their family, the loss is not just of living person but also that of a livelihood. Our donation can help their families get ration for a few months.

Like we came together to acknowledge and appreciate the frontline workers, we can come forward and donate generously for their efforts too. So, click on the link to donate now – Our donation to Ambulance Access For All foundation will directly reach the frontline workers offering emergency care during the lockdown due to the pandemic COVID-19. We have to stay healthy and support each other because we’re in this together. And Together, We Can!

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