Why First Aid Training Is The Need Of The Hour

The Wh-questions Of First Aid

In India, there are innumerable accidents and mishaps that occur reach and every day, at one’s home, workplace, and public places among others. While the popular saying goes that “Prevention is better than cure”, these mishaps cannot be always be prevented. However, they can definitely be treated and fatalities can be avoided if one has the right kind of training and knowledge of first aid.

Studies conducted worldwide have found that the major cause of death is road accidents. As per statistics from last year, over 1.2 million people died and as many as 50 million people were injured on roads across the globe. In India alone, over the last decade, the average annual road death crashes stand at 1.3 lakh annually – a number that exceeds the population of several smaller cities. However, a number of these deaths could have been avoided if the denizens of the country had adequate first aid training for different medical emergencies.

Fortunately, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited (ZHL), the largest private response service provider in India has recognized the importance of first aid training for every individual, irrespective of demographics. They have even been recognized by Limca Book of records for training maximum number of people in First Aid. It continues to spread awareness about how effective training in first aid can be a prompt means of damage control, and a highly required skill, especially to have at workplaces.

Cause Of Road Accidents

Research by experts has found that the prime causes of majority road accidents include speed/reckless/drunk driving, unskilled/unlicensed drivers, poor maintenance of vehicles, lack of awareness, overtaking, poorly maintained roads, and bad weather.

While at times, the driver ends up being alone during an accident, which is simply unfortunate, in cases where family, friends or colleagues are also present, the risk of fatalities is higher if none of them is equipped with first aid skills to rise to the occasion.

The Impact Of A Quick Response

When an unforeseen and unfortunate accident or mishap does occur, the Platinum Ten minutes and the Golden Hour are of utmost importance with respect to stabilizing the situation and reducing the chance of a fatality. This is where a skilled first aider has an important role to play, in saving the situation even before paramedics arrive, as they also accelerate the healing time of the accident victim.

In line with the same, and acknowledging the need for first aid skills and training across the world, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) initiated and introduced World First Aid Day, in the year 2000. On this day, every year, hundreds of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies from different parts of the globe, organize a series of events and activities to spread awareness about the importance of the day. In India, specifically, Ziqitza undertakes regular initiatives in Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, and  Punjab to advocate and promote the significance of not only first aid training but also a quick response to any emergency situation.

One should also remember that you don’t have to be a professional to be the first aider. Anyone with adequate and appropriate knowledge and skill set for the same along with physical and mental agility can rise to the occasion. However, there are a few reasons why a number of people refuse to seek first aid training:

  • Lack of awareness amongst them regarding where to undertake training programs
  • They believe that they are already well versed with the what, who, when, where, and why of first aid
  • Some of them are of the common assumption that they and their near and dear ones are safe from accidents and mishaps

Reasons That Make Basic First Aid Training A Must:  

  • It goes beyond saving lives – It is a known fact across the world that having knowledge and training with regard to first aid contributes to a great extent in speeding up the recovery of accident victim/patient. It also instills a calm demeanor in the first aider to better take the steps needed and makes them confident and in control of the situation.
  • Makes one better equipped to take charge of the situation –On many occasions, the accident victim ceases to get the basic care and medical attention that is required to not worsen his/her condition. In such a scenario, having basic knowledge of first aid helps in stabilizing the patient until paramedics/EMTs arrive. More often than not, with this knowledge, even general household items can pose as effective tools during an emergency, in case an actual first aid kit is unavailable.
  • It helps increase the patient’s comfort – If the first aider is trained well, the patient’s confidence in them naturally increases amidst an emergency. Therefore, effective and adequate training in first aid helps in relieving their discomfort and reducing their suffering. A skilled first aider is also capable of providing emotional support to the patient, which makes the latter more at ease.
  • It paves the way to a healthy and safe life – One of the essential elements of first aid training is learning how to take care of and healing yourself. This is because a first aider who is capable of promptly recovering their own self is in a better position to help others. Moreover, the trainee also learns a lot about different diseases, health issues, and lifestyle choices that benefit or harm one in the long haul. With this knowledge, the first aider is in a good place to understand his surroundings, be more confident, and alert about potential emergencies.

Several online and brick and mortar agencies/institutions offer in-depth courses on First Aid training, and emergencies at large. These are usually listed under ‘Health & Safety’ courses or ‘Occupational Health & Safety’ modules, and provide theoretical as well as practical insights. Ziqitza, in particular, has its First Responder Programmes that guides ordinary citizens through the process of providing first aid and handling the situation effectively, also using life support techniques, with minimal equipment in hand. Till date, ZHL has successfully trained over 5 lakh people in first aid across the country. It is making sincere efforts to spread awareness about how every individual need to be a trained first aider to help in case of an emergency, at any given time or place.

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