Need of the Hour: Compassion and Humanity in Society

Empathy And Humanity – Need Of The Hour

Empathy, the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of another to grasp what he or she is going through, is what makes us human. It evokes in us compassion, love, and concern for our fellow humans. This becomes all the more relevant in times of an accident or disaster, as it falls on the first responder/s to call one of the many emergency services in India at the earliest, to try and save the victim’s life. However, in spite of the vast leaps in technology and science, we seem to have been gradually losing touch with our humanity. The hunger for attention and fame often makes us so indifferent to the plight of another, that we forget our basic duties.

It has become sadly common to find onlookers at an accident site busy posting photos or videos on social media, while the victim lies helpless, fighting for his life. Instead of letting ourselves be overpowered by the temptation of social media attention, our first duty in a situation like this is to ensure the victim gets the attention that he or she so desperately needs. There are several emergency services in India which provide free medical assistance, including Ziqitza Health Care Limited. After a call is made to one of them, we should try to assess the situation and provide appropriate first aid care to the victim. In conditions such as these, a minute or a second’s difference could spell the life or death of a victim, or decide whether the rest of his or her life has to be spent with a debilitating handicap or disability.

Emergency services in India, like the ones provided by Ziqitza Health Care Limited, consist of ambulances equipped with Basic Life Support (BLS) systems or Advanced Life Support (ALS) systems. While the BLS ambulances are equipped with emergency kits, medicines, and patient transport equipment, ALS ambulances also carry the latest life-saving medical equipment including defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, and electrocardiography (ECG) machines, to handle life-threatening emergencies like heart attacks, accidents, paralysis attack, and more. Additionally, these ambulances are driven by professional drivers trained specifically for responding to emergencies at the earliest, and highly skilled paramedics, with a wide variety of skill sets in their repertoire, including performing cardiac support, emergency respiratory procedures, stabilizing broken bones, resuscitating victims, and more.

Thus, on encountering any such accident or other tragedy, our first move should be to contact any of these services at the earliest, and tend to the victim until the medical professional reach the scene. This helps ensure the victim receives the appropriate medical attention that is required, prior to being transported to the hospital, and gets at least a fighting chance to resume his normal, healthy, life once again.

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