Ambulance: The Carrier of Life

inside of an ambulance

One can never know what the future has in store for us, hence it’s best to be prepared for the worst and work diligently for the better. Emergencies don’t wait for us to be prepared, they often arise when least expected. Although ambulances are involved in the noble profession of serving patients with quality emergency medical services, they need more support from the public to be able to improvise constantly.

In a common man’s life, the likeliness to be attracted to a high-end sports car is more than the urge to give way to an ambulance. Ambulances carry ill patients which makes citizens’ cooperation absolutely necessary so that the patient can be provided with fast and efficient medical services. In a society like India, a Land Rover or Lamborghini receives more attention and respect, as though with the public rests the duty to be pious towards luxuries. How does that sense of dutifulness alter when it comes to ambulances?

When an accident occurs, it is the people surrounding the event, often termed as the bystanders that can help save a patient’s life. At that Golden Hour, when it is important to rush the patient to the hospital so that emergency medical care can be administered without delay, a high-end Ferrari or BMW is irrelevant. Neither is it convenient to transport a seriously ill patient via a Ferrari nor is it possible to administer emergency medicines into the patient’s body before the person reaches the hospital.

When the injured is transported in an ambulance, it is possible to make the most of the Golden Hour of survival. Ambulances in India, especially the ones in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the government like Ziqitza Health Care Limited who facilitate 108 services, provide state-of-the-art apparatus comprising Basic Life Support (BLS) as well as Advanced Life Support (ALS) technology to help begin the treatment of the patient even before the person is transported to the hospital. Moreover, through the 108 services, it is also possible to directly contact the police station and/or specialized doctors in case of complicated accidents.

It is okay to be drooling over a fancy sports car or an elegant luxury vehicle, but when it comes to emergency medical services, respect towards another life is more vital. When a life is lost, an entire world is crunched, and saving one life means the world to the people in the medical industry.  Given the dedication and skill with which ambulances function, the sensitization of common public becomes of paramount importance.

Regardless of the emerging tech-savvy means of administering and providing emergency medical services that are on the rise in the 21st century, the duty of the common public to respect an ambulance remains. It is only with the cooperation and help of fellow citizens does it become possible to save hundreds of lives that are lost in accidents every single day.

Therefore, in addition to the responsibility of telephoning the National Ambulance Number 108 when you witness a medical emergency, making your peers and friends aware of the respectability and co-operation towards ambulance services is one duty that’ll help better the existing situation. It is not only a noble step towards fellow countrymen but is also a way of understanding the importance that each life holds and working towards making others aware of the same. Help us spread this bit of social responsibility infectiously; let us respect the key utilities as much or more than the luxuries.

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