5 Self Care Tips During Winter

Self Care Tips during Winter

Winter is the time to enjoy warm blankets, coffee, and picnics on sunny afternoons, and so much more. All of this becomes more enjoyable, if you’re healthy and fit. Ziqitza Healthcare lists down a few simple self-care suggestions that will help you stay healthy this winter!

Keep yourself hydrated: You might end up consuming less water during the winter because you will be less thirsty and perspire less. Ziqitza completely advises against it.  Dehydration can seriously harm our immune system, and drinking enough water is absolutely necessary to prevent becoming susceptible to the cold. Ziqitza Health care limited explains that your sinuses and airways become more susceptible to illnesses like the common cold and cough without water. Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated! If you have a tendency to forget, set a reminder on your phone!

Why allow your skin to feel dry when simply drinking water can keep it glowing?

Moisturise: Winter skin can become very dry and itchy, which is not something to look forward to. So take a moment to apply a quality moisturiser. This advice is applicable to both men and women because wintertime grooming is crucial! It’s very dry during the winter. Naturally, the cold air causes your skin to lose moisture. Your skin may soon split and begin bleeding if you do not moisturise and hydrate it (like chapped lips). Infection may result from this as well.

Your skin’s dryness issues can all be resolved with coconut oil. There is no need to waste time searching for the best cream. It is the best way to maintain healthy, smooth skin.

Beating the cold & exercising: It is extremely difficult to stay energised during the winter. Your only real desires are to sleep or eat a steaming bowl of Maggi. Nevertheless, according to Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, people tend to burn more calories in the winter. In other words, if you exercise frequently, you are not only saying yes to being healthy but also a big yes to the variety of comfort foods you won’t feel bad about eating.

Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan advises that this winter, increase your exercise to maintain your health and develop stronger muscles. Your body burns more calories during winter exercise than it normally would in order to keep the body warm. This implies that you can quickly lose fat and any excess weight.

Additionally, regular exercise during the winter months strengthens your immune system and improves blood circulation. By doing this, you can avoid getting the flu or a cold this winter.

Start the day with a herbal brewZiqitza Rajasthan says that living in India exposes you to a plethora of exotic spices and herbs. Boiling ginger water with the right spices and a spoon of honey in the morning is the perfect recipe for those cold mornings. Alternatively, you can also make a cup of cinnamon and honey tea for yourself. Simply bring some water to a boil and soak a cinnamon stick in it. The fluid should then be poured into a glass (use a strainer). Mix in a spoonful of organic honey to the liquid.

Taking a warm bath: A warm bath is a great way to stay healthy during the winters. Ziqitza Limited elaborates that warm showers will instantly boost your immunity during the winter. Your body will be able to combat viruses and bacteria that cause coughing and sore throats. Your heart will be strengthened by taking a warm bath. Your airways and lungs are cleared by the steam produced by warm water. This lessens the signs and symptoms of respiratory conditions like the common cold.

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