Ziqitza Rajasthan – Why do Corporates need to tie up with Digital Wellness Centre’s?

Corporates need to tie up with Digital Wellness

Amid a global health crisis like COVID-19, the healthcare conversation focuses on the number of individuals impacted by the disease for good reason. While the severity of a public health crisis should not be downplayed, individuals continue to need care for a variety of other reasons, such as chronic conditions, acute illnesses, and treatment for behavioural health needs like anxiety. Getting care when it’s needed for these conditions can prove challenging during a pandemic because limiting non-essential visits is safer for all parties involved. When this happens, the convenience of seeing a provider diminishes and care needs may not be met.

Considering the widespread move from traditional business ethos to start-up culture inspired work environments, corporate wellness has become an imperative feature of the modern business world. Companies of all sizes, structures, and industries have readily adopted corporate wellness initiatives, making the practice a basic expectation for employees. The logic underlying corporate wellness is indisputable employees will work more diligently for companies that make them feel cared about and cater to their individual needs on a human level. Providing employees with opportunities to focus on their physical and mental wellbeing combats worker burnout, breeds company morale, and ultimately creates an inclusive flourishing work culture.

Healthcare experts say that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital health and virtual care forward by at least three years. Due to the increased adoption, healthcare organizations have put a new focus on improving in areas of digital health, specifically in terms of virtual health, remote monitoring, healthcare technology or preferring to tie up with Digital Wellness Centre like Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL) which offers one-stop solutions to corporates for their employee wellness needs.

After recognizing the importance of ensuring access to primary care in the face of a public health crisis, organizations are turning to virtual health, which allows you to connect with a provider via telephone or video call from the comfort of your home.

Virtual health which is often used interchangeably with telemedicine and telehealth can be used to treat a variety of conditions. Experts from ZHL Rajasthan says during a pandemic, where community systems and hospitals face resource constraints and the burdens of an influx of severe cases, virtual care has mitigate the strain by treating non-emergent illnesses or injuries, keeping those individuals out of primary care offices, emergency rooms and hospitals. This helps lighten the load on community resources already strained while reducing the spread of the virus.

When face-to-face visits are limited or unavailable, virtual health ensures members continue to receive coordinated care. Digital health solutions existed before also but their true potential and power were unleashed only during these strenuous times, which strongly boosted the growth of the digital health industry. The first step to meeting worker needs is understanding that when employees have convenient access to occupational health in the workplace – whether through a physical wellness center or virtual access – it is often the first place they will go for support.

Ziqitza Rajasthan has observed and witnessed an increasing demand for telemedicine and remote healthcare. Through telemedicine, doctors have become “on-demand” health providers as patients seek online healthcare owing to busy schedules and the risk of infection. Improved internet speeds have facilitated the instantaneous transmission of medical images and data, better video conference calls amplifying telehealth initiatives taken by corporates. Dr. Santosh Datar, Ziqitza Healthcare says our healthcare industry wasn’t prepared for this at all its capacity and capability was both tested. Along with the hard work done by healthcare professionals, digital healthcare solutions also played a key role in helping sail through challenging circumstances. A global health crisis can make getting care when it’s needed difficult but healthcare needs don’t stop during a pandemic. Virtual health ensures people can access care the moment it’s needed and address issues before they escalate into more severe problems. When health systems face significant constraints, virtual health helps alleviate the burden by enabling providers to continue treating non-emergency cases outside traditional brick and mortar settings. Here’s when services provided by Ziqitza Limited has benefited many individuals be it corporates or people like you and me.

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