Ziqitza Rajasthan- Things you must know while consulting doctors online


Covid-19 has changed many things, one of them is getting online doctors consultation. Earlier nobody wanted to consult a doctor online. Since last year things have changed drastically, because of the fear of Covid other doctors were unapproachable. Here’s when telemedicine came to the rescue.

India has formally recognized and regulated Telemedicine, authorizing registered medical practitioners to provide teleconsultation to patients. This allows all registered medical practitioners to start providing medical services to those in need. The consultation can take place via video, audio, or text messages.

Online medical consultations are easy and convenient, especially in times like these. You can access healthcare from anywhere and that’s a plus of online consultation. There are many healthcare providers like Ziqitza Limited that can connect you to a doctor in the least amount of time. They either make you contact a doctor via chat or video conferencing, where you can brief the doctor about your symptoms. 

Online medical consultation or TeleHealth is a very recent concept and that’s why you should be fully aware of its dos and don’ts, before availing of any of its services. You do not get a lot of time during online consultations. Usually, you get around 15 minutes, and to make the most of this time, it is important to keep certain data handy. To ensure that the process is hassle-free, smooth and to get the right diagnosis, here are some simple tips listed by Ziqitza that will come in handy when consulting any doctor online.

  1. List down all symptoms, allergies, and other medical conditions

Before starting the online consultation, make a note of all the symptoms that you have and also list down any allergies that you may have. Write a brief medical history about yourself and keep it handy. Keep a list of the medications that are being currently taken and also make a brief about your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle, and food habits.

2.  Record basic health details handy before the call

The doctor will be able to treat you the best if you are able to provide the latest health data. Keep a record of your weight, height, body mass index, body temperature, pulse rate, blood glucose levels, blood pressure readings, and heart rate. 

3. Get the basic blood and other tests done before the consultation

If you are getting a consultation for a particular disease then it is highly advisable that you get a basic medical test done before the consultation. A thorough blood work along with other health test reports will give valuable data to the doctor to give you suitable advice quickly. During the first consultation, doctors usually recommend a series of general blood and other health tests. Getting this done beforehand may speed up the diagnosis.

4. Keep your phone nearby 

If you have booked an appointment for a fixed time slot, make sure that you are available at that time. Also, keep your phone nearby so that you do not miss calls. If the consultation is via an app, ensure that the app is open.

5. Make sure you sit in a well-illuminated room

During the video call, ensure that you sit in a well-lighted room. Always sit facing the light source. Poor image quality can be an unwanted distraction during the video consultation. Also, ensure that there is no excess light behind you.

6. Check internet connection

Ensure that the internet connection is stable before you start a call. You can also restrict internet usage on other devices in the house for faster Wi-Fi speed.

7. Keep your online payment method ready

As the consulting fees will be paid online, make sure that you have your options ready. If the app requires you to link your digital wallet or bank account, do it beforehand. As all apps require you to make the payment at the time of the appointment.

8. Ask for the digital prescription signed by the doctor

Ask your doctor to send a digital copy of the signed prescription. You can ask him/her to send it via email or WhatsApp. This will be required for you to get medicines, as well as help, keep a track of the medication.

Telehealth services have been around for quite a while and Ziqitza Healthcare under its corporate wellness programs had started the initiative long ago where employees of a corporation and their families could access quality medicare without leaving the comfort of their home. Telehealth services provided by Ziqitza Rajasthan and ZHL Rajasthan have proven to be invaluable to the employees of corporations that have subscribed to our telehealth services. Doctors that have top qualifications are among the best in the country and are available 24×7.


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