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Advanced Life Support Ambulance

 Ziqitza Healthcare believes that proper ambulance and medical services save the lives of the needy. Team of Ziqitza is always ready to serve the nation. ZHL established by the  Group of Youngsters with the mission of “Apart from our core values of being ethical, being transparent and fostering teamwork, we also focus on delivering top quality services that involve saving lives, minimising anguish and aiding in improving the patient’s outcome.”

According to statista in 2020, 411 thousand accidents Deaths registered, 178 Traffic incident deaths registered and 151 thousand road accident deaths registered. In the last five years (2019-2015) around 23,63,031 road accidents happened in India and due to accidents 7,47,361 people lost their lives and other emergency cases such as  serious illness or injury Deaths are different and now Covid-19. These deaths happen because of a lack of medical Services and some cases require immediate treatment. Ambulance services play a prime role in Medical Services. We can save those people who are injured by accidents and serious illness or injury, if we can provide them proper medical services on site or at that time. Because your Help will save someone’s life.  If you’re seeing someone injured or need help, please Don’t forget to call us, We are just a Call away 24×7×365 days to serve you with our Ambulances and ensure maximum safety, comfort and efficiency in patient transfer. 

Ziqitza provides Advanced Life Support Ambulance, Basic Life Support Ambulance, Air Ambulance and Train Ambulance. You can book an ambulance by calling us at +919700001298 and share all the details about the Patient and Location with us and we will dispatch an Ambulance in 5 mins and pick up the Patient from the Location. 

Advanced Life Support Ambulance:

Advanced Life Support Ambulance is commonly known as ALS ambulance. In advanced life support ambulances we carry heart and blood pressure monitoring equipment, pulse oximetry, IV pumps, oxygen delivery devices, airway etc. Our ambulances Equipped with all the  necessary supplies such as airway support equipment, cardiac life support, cardiac monitors as well as a glucose-testing device to care severaly injured or ill patient. This advanced ambulance ideal for cardiac, Obstetrical Patients, trauma patients, severely burned patients, Patients with potential airway compromise,  patients who need constant monitoring and critically ill Patients, Any patient deemed to have a potential complication during transport when the report is received from the sending facility. Ziqitza Advanced Support ambulance is fully equipped to handle patients needing life support. Advanced life support ambulance unit will have a paramedic apart from the Emergency medical Technician. ALS ambulance is different from BLS Ambulance because ALS Ambulance fully equipped with tools and support staff can give injection and even administer medication to a patient also can give basic treatment in case of cuts or injuries whereas a BLS person does not have the right to do it. Ziqitza Ambulance services are operated by highly skilled and trained staff.

Basic Life Support Ambulance:

Basic Life Support Ambulance is commonly known as BLS ambulance. Basic Life support Ambulance equipped with emergency kits, medicines and patient transport equipment. This ambulance Equipped to carry out interfacility transports, hospital discharges and long distance transports on a daily basis. This Basic Life support Ambulance ideal for Non-emergency medical transfer such as lower extremity fractures, sub-acute care facilities and Interfacility transfers. This ambulance is not ideal for breaking the severely burned patients, which includes giving injections, administering medications, starting an IV, or any necessary medical process, including cardiac monitoring. Basic Life support ambulance units have an Emergency medical Technician. 

About Ziqitza Healthcare

Ziqitza healthcare services provide emergency Medical services or ambulance services or paramedic services. These emergency services provide urgent pre-hospital treatment and stabilization for serious illness and injuries and transport to definitive care. Ziqitza Healthcare Pvt Ltd founded in Rajasthan with a vision to provide World-class ambulance services to India. Ziqitza currently operates over 3,000 ambulances and has tie-up with 5000 ambulances in over 50 major cities in India. Ziqitza committed to their work, with ziqitza you can ensure safe and comfortable transfer. Ziqitza Emergency care team is always ready to serve you proper treatment. The Emergency Care team treats illnesses and injuries that require an urgent medical response, providing out-of-hospital treatment and transport to definitive care.

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