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Right Ambulance Service

The siren of an ambulance is heard more often these days than usual. Well, that’s because of the pandemic, but it’s not the only thing. With the advancement in our lifestyle, there is an increase in lifestyle disorders and chronic diseases. We may not have control over everyone’s lifestyle, but we can certainly have an improved emergency healthcare system in place in our country. Delhi being the capital, we have to ensure it has the best ambulance service to offer during emergencies. The availability of ambulances in Delhi isn’t a concern, but the need to have the right ambulances and well-trained paramedics. To address this need for better ambulance services, emergency healthcare providers like Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd (ZHL) stand out as the ultimate aid to society and government.

The healthcare providers aim at offering different types of ambulance services based on emergencies for improved emergency care. Some of these ambulance services in Delhi by Ziqitza HealthCare include:

Patient Transfer: This service may require a basic ambulance as it’s a pre-planned non-emergency transfer of the patient from one hospital to another. In a few cases of critically ill patients, an advanced ambulance or Neo-Natal Ambulance is used for the transfer, to consistently monitor the patient’s health during the process.

Emergency Services: Critically ill, injured patient or accident victim requires emergency service for urgent medical response. Such a service requires advanced ambulances and trained paramedics to offer critical care during the patient’s transfer to the nearest hospital from the accident site or home. The patients with specialist treatment require Neo-Natal Ambulance for transfer at the hospital under such emergency service. The healthcare providers and their team select the right type of ambulances according to the cases to offer emergency service. In cases of immediate transfers from one state to another or a different country, healthcare providers offer air ambulances too.

Ambulance for Events: Ambulances used for this service are apt for pre-hospital care and even emergency transfer due to a mishap during the event. Such service mostly uses advanced ambulances for the job to be done. The event organizers need ambulance service for the safety of their guests. The healthcare providers not only offer ambulances at the site but also qualified doctors and paramedics to quickly respond to the patient’s need before transferring him/her to the nearest hospital.

Intercity Transfer: Such service is pre-planned or when a doctor refers the patient to another city or a state and requires basic or advance ambulance as per the nature of an emergency. It’s imperative to have a reputed ambulance service provider who’s ambulance staff is well trained to tackle an emergency while transferring the patient to the hospital

Despite the availability of different types of Ambulance in Delhi, one must be aware of selecting the right ambulance for the patient transfer, events or emergencies. So, only having the availability of an ambulance isn’t enough. It is equally important to have the right ambulance for the requirement to be fulfilled. Therefore, one must connect with the right emergency healthcare providers like Ziqitza for ambulance services. We are a spread network across Delhi which helps us to be more fast and efficient when it’s a question of emergency. Our team is specially trained to be regarded as professionals in emergency cases. Our ambulance for emergency consists of ECG, Cardiac Monitor, and Medicines for an emergency, Oxygen, Pulse Oximeter, Nebuliser, PaceMaker, Spine Board, Syringe Pump, Defibrillator and Portable Ventilator. As we tend to have almost a hospital setup it proves to be more helpful to treat people with complications and people who get seriously injured. Our Ziqitza Rajasthan team is also well-trained to assist you not only during patient transfers but also emergencies with their qualified doctors, helpline call centers and various other medical resources.

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