Ziqitza Limited – This Woman’s Days Gift your employees a healthier and happier work environment

Womans Days Gift Employees a Healthier Work Environment

Working women are looking for more gender-specific corporate wellness programs from their employers. According to a well-being survey, there is a significantly increased feeling of stress among working women than men. Balancing professional commitment at the workplace and personal commitments at home are creating more stress in working women the report says. Women feel more stressed in maintaining work-life balance compared to men.

Women’s physical and mental makeup varies a lot from that of men. Our societal mindset always looks upon women as uncompromising caregivers.  These put lots of pressure both at home and at the workplace that significantly affects their wellness. Of all demographics taken for the survey, it has been found that working women within the age group 35-49 are the worst sufferers.  They are in the danger zone of impaired productivity and performance when it comes to managing operations and driving growth.

Women feel they are under constant judgment for wanting to give 100% to the workplace and family commitments. This is a big stressor. Other stressors are poor health, unhealthy work culture, and lack of proper support. Dr Santosh Datar, Medical Director at Ziqitza Healthcare Limited says women are less inclined to follow routine fitness checkups. As for them when one job ends another begins. Most working women are juggling the home and work at the office, often they leave their health to luck and ignore basic symptoms like a headache, backache, cough, and cold because they simply don’t find the time. Women often miss these owing to professional or personal commitments. But these minor issues which we miss may be fatal in the long run.

No one indeed knows our body better than we do, but we may not always read it right and ignore the early signs of serious concerns that come in the form of these small ailments. As a concerned employee, you could help by making access to trusted medical advice easier for her at the workplace. This International Women’s Day, let’s take care of her health. Where these corporate wellness programs will be safeguarding employees against chronic and lifestyle diseases and reducing absenteeism.

Here’s how Ziqitza helps employers to create a healthy work environment for female employees.

  • Medical Room– Staffed with qualified and trusted medical personnel, women employees who cannot find time to make an appointment with their general practitioner can find timely care for health issues.
  • Tele-health– Trusted medical advice from certified and qualified medical professionals via voice or video chat can help them find the right answers to their health issues.
  • Wellness at the Workplace– Organizing special programs tailored for the physical and mental wellbeing of women at the workplace can help them feel better and more empowered.

Treat her with care and she will do her best for your organisation. This International Women’s Day, invest in her health and wellbeing. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd ( ZHL) Corporate Wellness Programmes are designed to meet a variety of needs and requirements of any corporate entity – service, manufacturing, warehousing or construction site – and offer customized holistic healthcare programs to all. Aiming to become a “one-stop solution” for corporate wellness healthcare solutions for corporates, Ziqitza Rajasthan offers service solutions that include Ambulance at Site, Ambulance on Subscription, Wellness at Workplace, Telehealth Services for Employees, Medical Rooms, Doctors on Site and Occupational Health Center, among others.

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