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keep your heart healthy

Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide, and it’s mostly preventable by changing your lifestyle and managing risk factors. One of the most important aspects of our health is our heart. Without our hearts pumping strong, we would cease to exist. Even if our hearts are just in poor health, it can seriously diminish our quality of life. Keeping the heart healthy and pumping strong is vital to our overall health and wellness. Take a look at the below tips suggested by Ziqitza Healthcare for maintaining a strong heart so that you can enjoy a good quality of life and a healthy body for years to come.

  1. Exercise Daily: Consistent exercise can really boost the health of your heart. Exercise makes the heart strong so that it can pump more blood in less beats. This means that it has to work less for the same or better benefits. After exercising consistently for a significant length of time, you may find that your resting pulse is lower than ever. This is an indication of a healthy and strong heart. It also helps to keep cholesterol levels down, which is another great way to keep the heart healthier.
  2. Say no to Smoking: Smoking is one of the absolute worst things for your heart. Smoking makes the blood vessels in the body restrict, making circulation much more difficult. This means that the heart has to work harder to pump the same amount of blood throughout the body. If you smoke, do what you can to quit as soon as possible. Go see a doctor, buy a nicotine patch, or join a group to help you quit smoking for good.
  3. Improve Your Diet: Your diet has a huge impact on your heart. Ziqitza Rajasthan recommends to stay away from fried and fatty foods, excessive salt, and foods that can cause weight gain. Stick to a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat plenty of protein, but make it as lean as possible, like in the form of fish, chicken, and nuts. Avoid sweets when possible, and season with salt only sparsely. Improve your diet and keep your heart healthy and strong for much longer. The health of your heart is one of the most important things to make a priority. While you can avoid many health topics and probably not see any long term effects, you can’t avoid taking care of your most precious asset, your heart.
  4. Keep your cholesterol levels in control: Cholesterol is an essential ingredient of our body, required for the normal functioning of the body. Dr. Santosh Datar from Ziqitza Limited explains two main types of cholesterol high density lipoprotein HDL or ‘good cholesterol’ and low density lipoprotein LDL or ‘bad cholesterol’. ‘Bad cholesterol’ can stick to the walls of your arteries, causing a build-up of cholesterol, known as plaques causing the blockage in our arteries leading to heart attack and stroke. Experts from Ziqitza highlights overeating saturated and trans-fat can elevate blood cholesterol levels. Saturated and trans fats can be found in pizza, cakes, biscuits, pastries, and deep-fried foods. Fresh foods should make up the central part of your diet. Choose a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and various healthy protein sources, including fish and seafood, lean meat, poultry, legumes, nuts, and seeds. It is essential to get cholesterol levels checked up and keep them under control.
  5. Monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar: High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, chances of high blood pressure increase with age. So, get your blood pressure checked up regularly. If it is high, take help from your doctor. ZHL Rajasthan says diabetes is one of the significant risk factors of heart disease and stroke and one needs to take care of it while suffering from diabetes. The doctor usually prescribes some ant diabetic medication along with advice for diet and exercise specific to the condition. Adhere to your doctor’s advice and make sure your blood sugar remains under reasonable control.

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