Ziqitza Limited – Why On-site Medical Room is Necessary for Corporate Companies?

On-site Medical Room

Medical Emergencies are one of the aspects that need to be addressed at all the levels of our life – be it personal or professional and since most of us spend our maximum time in office, the corporate companies need to ensure timely medical emergency care of each of their employees. Nowadays, employers have understood the importance of wellness of their employees. Many of them have accordingly introduced free mediclaim, life insurance and various wellness programs for their employees. However, none of these is enough to tackle medical emergencies in the office. While due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, there are a lot of concerns among the employees leading to a rise in stress and anxiety issues, employees who are working on-site are primarily concerned about their healthcare. These rooms provide preventive care and treatment to employees at their place of employment, thus increasing their attendance at work. Companies need a medical room with an effective wellness program by an emergency healthcare provider like Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd (ZHL). Among some of the solid reasons to support having a medical room for corporates, here are a few for your reference:

Employees’ Health Assessment: The employer or the organization will be able to assess the general health of their employees regularly. The organization will be in a better position to identify a specific disease condition among its employees, along with the environmental factors responsible for it. Not only this, the organization will be able to help diseased employees with proper medical care and prevent healthy employees from getting infected with that disease.

Attract Employees: Just like the employers look for some of the specific qualities in their employees, the employees too look for quality employers offering them better working resources, higher pay and suitable recreational as well as healthcare facilities. Similarly, employers can do a pre-employment screening of job applicants to recruit only healthy ones for better performance and overall growth of the organization.

Builds Quality Workforce: A dedicated medical room with a qualified doctor and well-trained paramedics can help the organization to manage a medical emergency with ease. The presence of a doctor benefits the organization in regularly monitoring the health of the employees and thereby, reduces absenteeism. This in return improves the productivity of the employees and their quality of life.

Controls Healthcare Costs: The regular assessment of the employees’ health, availability of quick response team of paramedics for emergency care and priority to a healthy lifestyle offer many advantages to an organization or employer. One of the benefits includes a reduction in healthcare costs per employee.

In all, the medical room will not only help an organization to build a healthy workforce for it but also ease stress around the workplace. 

Ziqitza Limited has got expertise in the corporate in-house medical room management. We set up & maintain a medical room with all mandatory medical equipment like a patient-examination bed, emergency equipment like oxygen supply, IV etc. with restorative and pharmacy supplies. If needed with a qualified nurse for working hours on all working days. Doctor’s visits are also provided as per company requirement. With the medical emergency care providers like Ziqitza HealthCare offering corporate wellness programs facilitating medical emergency care and doctor’s 24×7 assistance onsite, having a medical room for corporates seems perfect.

Ziqitza in association with State Governments and National Health Mission works in PPP mode, and with various Corporates, for their  Healthcare needs in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Odisha, Sikkim and many more.

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