Ziqitza helps students in learning advanced first aid and the importance of golden hour

students in learning advanced first aid

Ziqitza has taken the initiative to educate and train the general public in pre-hospital care, which helps patients to receive immediate basic life support before an ambulance arrives, boosting their chances of survival. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd is an emergency service provider, intends to remain devoted to saving lives and empower people to help and save more lives by teaching them fundamental life-saving procedures. The Ziqitza team educates students on the Golden Hour’s importance.

The Golden Hour and its Importance

The first ’60 minutes’ after an injury or trauma are known as the golden hour. Getting medical help as soon as possible during this time can save a person’s life. In an emergency, the person may have an obstructed airway or gravely wounded lungs, causing serious breathing difficulties or bleeding out unless an emergency physician or trauma surgeon intervenes within the Golden Hour.

One of Ziqitza’s goals is to teach the general population how to recognize important indications and symptoms that require action within the golden hour, allowing the healthcare system to properly care for the injured person.

Golden Hour and First Response

In an emergency, the first response is a critical component of the golden hour. You may find yourself in a position where you must act as the first response. This can be accomplished by following a simple procedure that ensures the patient is cared for quickly, safely, and effectively.

  • Prepare to rush to the scene of the trauma and take a minute to glance around and analyse the situation.
  • Check if it is safe to attend to the victim, that there is no fire, that there is no leaking gasoline, that there is no fast-moving traffic around the accident site, that there are no fallen electricity wires, and so on.
  • As soon as possible, call for assistance and provide a precise location of the accident. Include details regarding the number of casualties and the presence of hazards to rescuers while describing the situation. Don’t forget to provide the rescue crew with your phone number so they can call you for updates. Once help arrives, stabilizing the patient and getting them to the correct hospital as quickly as possible will become easier. Also, seek professional aid rather than attempting to free a sufferer trapped in a vehicle on your own.
  • Approaching the victim: Once you’ve established that the area is safe and that help is on the way, try to communicate with the victim; if you get a coherent response, this indicates that the patient is awake and has a functioning airway. If not, use the ABC approach to conduct an initial assessment.


Breathing: There is no noticeable chest lift when breathing.

Circulation: The patient is pale, or the victim’s body shows signs of bleeding.

  • Do not offer the patient anything to eat or drink. This is because offering water or food to someone who is asleep or semiconscious can lead them to choke, further complicating the issue.
  • Keep an eye out for Shock: Shock is a condition that results in significant bleeding, a drop in blood pressure, and a lack of blood circulation to the end organs. Suspect shock if the patient appears pale, breaths rapidly, or has a weak pulse. Make sure the patient is brought to the hospital right once.
  • While these pointers should assist guide your response if you ever have to attend to a trauma victim, they will also help you make the most of the Golden Hour.

SO FAR, Ziqitza Healthcare SUCCESS. Since 2011, Ziqitza has conducted 4231 first-aid training classes. More than 3.30 lakh people have been trained in life-saving techniques as a result of our efforts.

About us – Ziqitza Health Care Limited

With over 42 million Indians served, Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan is a well-known provider of emergency healthcare services in India. In the preceding year, around 2.5 lakh Covid patients were provided the facilities of Ziqitza ambulance. The Times Social Impact Award was given to Ziqitza Rajasthan, and it is placed #34 in the Global Real Impact Awards. We’re all aware of the state of our roadways and the numerous accidents that happen every day.

Patients from Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, and Sikkim have been helped by the 108 ambulances of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. (ZHL Rajasthan), Asia’s largest private emergency medical service provider. People in these states can receive free, high-quality care from the 108 Ambulance crew.

‘If you have any more queries, please contact Ziqitza Limited via our website.’ Ziqitza Healthcare

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