Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd – The Fastest Emergency Response Service Provider In India

Fastest Emergency Service

In today’s day and age, mishaps and accidents are a fairly regular occurrence. And this calls for a stronger need of immediate medical aid which might help save their lives, by means of an efficient and effective Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Although there has been a fair level of improvement over the last few years, the essence of ‘The Golden Hour’ and ‘The Platinum Ten Minutes’ is not yet paid enough attention to, which leads to a large number of fatalities.

While this issue does persist in Tier I cities, rural areas across the country, especially in the northern belt, are affected even more, due to negligence and lack of sincerity, with regards to providing support and relief during an emergency situation. This is, in a way, linked to the lack of a streamlined and comprehensive EMS that is available and accessible throughout the country.

A major part of this immediate aid that victims need, is formed by ‘prompt’ life-support ambulance services, along with sound paramedic professionals. However, the whole system has not been adequately developed, as a number of these ambulances lack the required features and regular maintenance in order to provide effective support in and around remote areas of India, where the problem is most concentrated.

Fortunately, amidst this chaos and struggle of efficiency and promptness during emergencies to save lives, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. (ZHL) has consistently proven that complete healthcare and welfare is at its fore, thus reinforcing its standing as the fastest emergency response service provider in India.

To begin with, ZHL boasts of a highly efficient and responsive emergency helpline, which addresses the caller’s concerns at the earliest, and dispatches the suitable ambulance without unnecessary delay. It has associated with several state governments, as well as the National Health Mission (NHM), to effectively manage emergency medical services, which primarily include well-equipped life support ambulances across the country for the general public.

Recognizing the importance of the ‘Golden Hour’, these swift and robust emergency response services by ZHL are provided along with well-trained emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and doctors to provide instant aid and relief to victims. Their ambulance services, which are of two types depending on the emergency, i.e. Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS), are well-equipped to handle these crises in all urban and rural areas across the country.

Using one convenient, streamlined, and prompt helpline number, i.e. 108, ZHL operates an array of additional medical emergency services, including the Janani Express, Mobile Medical Units (MMUs), and Sanjeevani Express. Their centralized call center is based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, but provides instant help and support to different parts of the country. With this, rural India, in particular, is largely benefitted, as these areas were often neglected by public and private sector service providers, but are now able to receive essential medical assistance at the earliest.

With all of this and more, the efforts of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. to improve the ‘lack of medical assistance during an emergency’ scenario, in urban as well as rural parts of India, are becoming more and more evident with each passing day. By leveraging technology to its fullest potential, and being committed to helping those in need, ZHL has evolved into the promptest emergency service provider that this country can rely on, today.

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