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Occupational Health

Supporting the physical and mental health of employees creates a win-win scenario in the post-pandemic workplace. The coronavirus crisis has squeezed the life out of so much we previously took for granted, at home and at work. Things have changed, irreversibly. Many people express both a heightened appreciation of life and respect for mortality. But how does this translate to occupational health? As organisations begin to coax their employees back to the workplace, the expectation that employers should support the mental and physical health of staff, particularly in a workplace setting has been dialled up in the past year. 

An occupational Reduce Sickness Absence:

With the introduction of an occupational health center, employees are taken care of if there are any health issues. Long hours of work with few breaks can leave the staff fatigued which is not good. With occupational health centres, it is seen that staff members are mentally and healthily fit and contributing to the company.

Increased Awareness and A Safe Working Culture:

With the help of occupational health centre services, awareness is created to help employees create a safe working environment for them. The occupational health training imparted to the employees makes them aware of the good practices in corporate sectors to stay both mentally and physically fit. Occupational health awareness is vital as if the management fails to do so, it will increase employee retention, which is not advised.

Increase in Productivity:

ZHL Rajasthan has observed when this campaign is implemented correctly, the staff are safe and mentally and physically fit for the best results. They are more confident, feel protected, and are loyal to their company. When your employees know that they are being looked after, it is sure to increase their remarkable productivity. The staff here can make their words heard to the top-level management regarding the potential hazardous task. The top management looks into it and ensures that the staff is protected at all times.

Correct Training and Use of Tools:

There are several advantages that come with the introduction of these centres. The health centre ensures that all the employees working in the company right from the top level to the lower have the proper training and can use the tools correctly. When staff members of the corporate sector know how to use the tools, then the injuries at work minimizes and work is carried at a much higher standard. This will result in a highly productive workforce trained to do their best as a reduction in man-hours lost by injury and illness reduces by many folds.

New Opportunities:

The centres allow new opportunities for employees in the health sector. Staff that is trained can take on the responsibility of becoming mental health ambassadors and serving their colleagues. Staff can be rewarded for fine examples of ideal health standards being used in the company. This will encourage other staff to follow the same.

Medical emergency strikes without warning in form of an accident or sudden illness. Research has shown that many patients with severe injury or heart attack or any other life-threatening medical conditions die within the first one hour. Hence this is called the “Golden hour”. It is important that the patient reaches an appropriate advanced health care facility within this hour. A timely intervention by a qualified health care worker or trained first aider may save a life, relieve pain, minimize complications and subsequent disabilities. Availability of well-equipped medical room, Occupational health center, an ambulance at the worksite be it a warehouse, refinery, corporate office, corporate park, or factory, will help in timely management of medical emergencies in the premises as well as during transport, boost staff morale and reduce legal liabilities of the organization in case of any untoward incident. It makes good business sense as it is an investment and not an expense. Ziqitza Limited is currently serving over 70 leading corporate organisations& hospitals pan India to make their workplace safe.

Ziqitza recognized corporate wellness as a big initiative which is now taken by many companies to ensure their staff members are well aware of health risks at the workplace. Ziqtza Healthcare offers robust occupational healthcare solutions capable of catering to the needs of large organizations in accordance with the Factories Act. This includes – Set-up & Management of the Occupational Health Centre, Periodic Health Evaluations, Health & Wellness Workshops, 24×7 Tele-Health & 24×7 On-Site Medical Emergency Care. Ziqitza Rajasthan says the introduction of occupational health, corporate services ensure their staff’s safety by offering all necessities and proper awareness from the top level to the lower ones for the best results.

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